How Video Efforts Will Enhance Your Digital Marketing Campaign

Digital marketing campaign

We’ve all heard that pictures speak 1000 words, well the same is true for those who use promotional videos to let their targeted audiences know more about their products and services. Promotional videos can significantly enhance your overall digital marketing campaign in a variety of ways.

Video Efforts Will Enhance Your Digital Marketing Campaign

For years marketers have created various ways to capture people’s attention, but the use of promotional videos in marketing campaigns has been responsible for making improvements in multiple areas, including obtaining higher conversion rates.

In fact, there’s been an increase in conversion rates by 80% when videos have been placed on landing pages. To that end, videos that are placed in emails has resulted in a click-through rate increase by 200 to 300%. Promotional videos are very instrumental in getting your targeted audience to become exposed to your information a lot faster and much more frequently than text content alone.


As a business owner, you already have a story about the history of your business, the importance of your products and services, why you started your business in the first place and how your business can benefit potential customers. A promotional video can be used to tell your story and share it with audiences across the globe.

Videos can be presented in such a way that they captivate your audience’s attention and moves them to take action in a way that content alone simply cannot do. Storytelling through videos is a great way to share the most compelling yet memorable stories that also increase ROI.

Storytelling is neither an ad nor a sales pitch, but a different form of marketing altogether known for increasing consumer’s ability to become more engaged and connect emotionally with your brand’s product or service. And there’s no better way to tell a story before a captive audience (with short attention spans) than with the use of a promotional video.

Increase Brand Awareness

When promotional videos are compelling and memorable, it increases your brand’s awareness. This has been known to allow you to take charge of what your audience learns about your product or service and the content that they’re exposed to.

Using promotional videos to increase your brand awareness is a very effective strategy and can also take place relatively quickly. Mainly because given the opportunity, many people would much rather watch a video than read the same content in text format. In fact, at least 59% of executives surveyed agree that if given the option between the two that they’d choose video content.

The use of subtitling is also a great way to add even more value to your video presentation. This can be done easily through video subtitling services. Subtitling is responsible for making sure that your video’s message is truly being communicated – all while increasing SEO rankings and improving customer engagement.

Enhanced Video Sharing

As social media continues to grow, more and more people are sharing information online. However, video sharing has experienced more growth than content alone. With social media video sharing platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo, video sharing has increased by 72%.

This includes individuals and companies uploading and sharing their own video as well as others who repost and share other people’s videos.

The use of promotional videos is on the uprise and is surpassing other forms of content. Although millions of people still enjoy reading online content, content provided in video format is in far greater demand than other formats and when videos are well encrypted they are able to prevent data loss effectively, making them even more popular.

This includes videos such as general promotional videos, how-to videos, news updates and more. Whatever the use, you will find that more people gravitate to content provided by video than other forms of content.

Hence, it will be to your advantage to incorporate promotional videos into your overall, online digital marketing campaign.

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