How to Utilize a Time Tracker for Your Benefit

Many times, people ask me whether it is really effective to use time tracking software and it is hard sometimes to convince them because many still consider this tracking software as a tool for supervision. But the fact is that it is not. Today, I am writing this article so that at least some people would consider it and give it a try.

Unlike others, I will not bore you by mentioning time tracking software’s technical features such as invoicing, budgeting, etc. Instead, I will solely focus on the users of this software. 

Better Understanding

The very first thing you get by using a time tracker is a better understanding and clarity on your performance. Once you managed to track your activities or tasks for say at least 4 to 6 weeks then you will have a clearer idea of how much productive you are during your working hours. At the same time, you will see all the lapses and bridges that took place during your day.

With such helpful information in hand, you can focus more effectively on your strengths and reduce your weakness points. 

Authority on Yourself and Your Activities

By tracking your daily tasks or activities, you can also have a greater control on whatever you do. You can avoid doing tasks that are not useful or wasting your time. Because once you get an idea of what activities that take too much time or not useful at all, then you can modify them according to your workflow so that you can have a better schedule. For instance, if a task takes too much time to complete then you can divide it into multiple smaller tasks and complete one at a time or one in a day. By understanding what that exact thing is that you should do at the particular time, you will have a better sense of purpose as to decide which task should do done first. 

No more Postpone

Every day, at least for 30 minutes we spend time exclusively on social media platforms. But now you can’t. Because with time tracker on your PC, you can no longer log into Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platform that diverts you from your work and more than that the time tracker tracks your activity and marks it in red. Which is not good. It kind of makes it obvious whoever looks at that timesheet that you are working at that time.

Many people consider it as a freedom that is being taken away from them. But is it the case it really is? When you say 5 minutes, was it really just 5 minutes or 10 minutes. I think it is the latter one. We must admit the fact that while we are working, we should really be working. This is the universal fact that many of us try to ignore. Nevertheless, given it a deeper thought, you may realize that. No matter if you are working at home or office or somewhere else, if you are working that means you are working. The place does not matter. Even if nobody is watching us or monitoring us, the fact still remains same that either we are being productive or not being productive.

An active presence on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social medium is fine when you have nothing to do but it is absolutely when you have so much to do and still choose to ignore it. I agree that there is a lot of useful information that social mediums offer us but is it really worth to procrastinate our work and watch funny videos or talk with our friends instead of doing anything that is worth being done? By doing so, we might bring our positions at stake at our companies and if you think you are a freelancer and this does not apply to you well, then I am sorry. Of course, it applies to you as well. Because if we procrastinate our work then we might cross the given deadline for the project and ultimately the client leaves us or won’t give the compensation. 

The Main Reason Behind Tracking Our Time

Tracking our activities, tasks, etc. will keep us alert all time. If when we tend to postpone or take a break, the software reminds us not to do that. All thanks to it. This software makes us more productive and efficient at work.  

A Better and Productive Work Life

I will share some of the outcomes of embracing positive habits just to let you know what and how much can be gained by this time tracker software.

Let’s begin with our offices or workplaces. Gone are the days when companies used to follow 9 AM to 5 PM timings. Now, some people have day shift timings, some have night shift timings and while some people work have variable timings. This system has made everyone blame our work, management, and what not. So we obviously tend to spend some time just by goofing around. And you will understand it better especially if you are a manager or CEO. But by implementing time tracking software, you can avoid or prevent such negativity in and around your office as most of your work will be done by the software.

You can feel offended by what I said but if you really are so focused and deliver tasks or projects on time, then it doesn’t affect you much about whether or not your office management deploys tracking software. On the other side, time tracking sheets can be shown as a proof of your dedication toward your work and how effective you are. And the list of benefits just doesn’t stop even if you are a freelancer. You can show your clients how much time you spent on their project or assignment. This will act as a bridge that connects and your client. There are also chances for your client to recommend his/her network as you are an efficient professional.

Mohd Sohel Ather

This Article is written by Sohel Ather, He is software engineer by profession and a content writer by passion, Technical writings, blogging etc are stuff that he do as hobby. and loves to work on Guest posting, SEO, CRO, Growth Hacking and Online Marketing Strategies. You can follow him on LinkedIn.

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