Top Ways to Build an Email List for your Ecommerce Store

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You have a brand new website or it’s the one that’s existed for a while, but have you ever thought of collecting email addresses. Your website has valuable content, products, or services that you want people to know about. To do this, you need to build an email list for your eCommerce store. Developing an email list is a challenging task. Below are the top ways for building a clean and well-engaged email list. 

Priority placement

Place your email-sign up prominently on your home page. It should be “above the fold,” which means that it’s clearly visible on the webpage that a visitor need not scroll down to find it. Graphics and placement should attract visitors to this form.

Place a subscription form on every single page of your website. For instance, place your sign-up form at the end of every article to catch readers when they’re expected to perform the next action.

Provide a rationale

Couple your sign-up boxes with a brief description of “what’s in it for them.” Tell the customers of the benefits of signing up.

Get relevant details from the scratch

When you are adding people to your email list, make sure to collect only the info you need for registration and basic analysis. First, ask for their name in addition to their email address. Then move on to the industry details. For instance, if you deal with computers, you should know if a visitor is Mac or a PC user. If you sell clothes, knowing the gender would help for your future emails.

Assure subscriber’s privacy

Now that you’ve collected personal details about your site visitors, you need to assure them that their details are not misused by you and that you would never disclose them to other sites for whatever purpose. Adding a statement such as this, on your sign up form builds trust in your subscribers. This will also increase sign up percentage.

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Follow up with an Automated Welcome message

Once subscribers sign up, take this opportunity to welcome them with a timely impressing message. Customize your emails with automated content to keep in touch with your audience. A well-crafted welcome message should acknowledge when and how a subscriber signed up into your email list and also provides guidelines for being engaged with your organization.

Customized messages are widely used in commercial companies and are starting to catch on with non profits.

Create win-back messages for Non-responders

It is not enough, if you only welcome your new subscribers. You need to pay attention to people who signed-up for your email list but show no reaction to any messages you send them. For these customers, create win-back campaign to drive back their interests. Here, too, you should design content in such a way to appeal to the areas of interest that brought them to your site which may be a particular product or issue. For instance, add simple activities that are easy for them to engage with, such as eCourses, video series or sharing a photo album to help motivate their involvement and boost traffic to your web shop.

Reward your loyal customers

Giving back something to your customers in exchange for their email addresses, can keep them coming back. Everyone loves a reward and they wouldn’t mind sharing their email addresses for some freebies.

The freebie need not necessarily be a big one. You can offer something that your subscribers value- a discount on every purchase, white-paper, free e-books or an entry in a contest to win an iPhone. This way, your subscribers return to your site to utilize the offers, you get an email marketing list, sales and brand awareness.

Avoid spamming

Make sure to obtain permission from your customers to add them to your email list. When you give them something useful such as an informational news letter, keep in touch and then recommend products or services they are likely to buy from and will stay loyal to your brand. Thus your emails don’t end up as spams.

Make it easy to unsubscribe

Having someone on your email lists who don’t want to be there anymore, isn’t beneficial for both you and the party. In spite of your efforts to win-back, these customers still remain inactive and are likely to unsubscribe. Ensure that unsubscribing options are clearly visible in your messages as well as on your website. Take one last opportunity to ask them for the reasons to leave the e-live. Through multiple-choice questions, you can gain valuable feedback on how to engage other customers on your e-file. And your final message should encourage unsubscribe to connect with you in other ways- Facebook, Twitter and Organizational blogs or via phone.

Building your email list requires time and patience. However, a good quality email list not only boosts revenue for your company, it also promotes your company’s value as a whole. Take your time and build a solid email list that pays you off in the long run.

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