Top Tips and Tricks on YouTube SEO you should know About

Tips on YouTube SEO for your video content

YouTube is without arguably speaking, the most popular place to watch video content which is most user-friendly and performance oriented. Since YouTube is now an integral part of Google Universe, Your Video content can also be a leading aspect of your overall online marketing domain.

We all know that Google is the most widely used Search engine on the planet, but did you know YouTube ranks second in the top used search engines. Even though YouTube only shows your video content uploaded inside YouTube directly from its website portal, but as more people visit it, it’s influence over website content cannot be neglected.

What are we going to learn from this blog post?

After informing you about some obvious statistics, we should jump right into the brass tact of the focus that this article is all about that is how to do YouTube SEO. So in this blog, we will cover vital areas in the road map to make your content active and viewable to the viewers.

  • First thing first, you require a video

Gone are those days that when you have to think about the topic for a video through extensive brainstorming and write a sketch or storyboard and script of the entire video. YouTube is filled with videos that are just primarily made out of a smartphone camera with music in the background and done, a video at your disposal. It is advised but not necessary that your Video should be engaging, and for that creativity is boundless, so go exploring.

Some statistics about YouTube

  • There are around 30 Billion YouTube searches being made in a day as of April 2017, according to fortunelords.com
  • 300 hours’ worth of videos is uploaded every minute in YouTube.
  • The total number of videos watched in a single month is 3.25 billion.
  • More than half of the YouTube users use mobile devices.


  • Engage in YouTube SEO

SEO in YouTube depends on two things, your video content and User engagements. Combining these two things, you’ll get a complete SEO structure for your videos uploaded in YouTube. There is some deference between how YouTube search engine works and your Google search engine works? The YouTube cannot tell about the keywords through which your video corresponds to, that whether it’s relevant or not. Same goes with the tags that are attached with your video. So It’s important to understand the factors through which the SEO of your videos uploaded in YouTube depends on.

Video Content checklist:

– Title

– Description

– Tags

– Transcription

– Channel Authority

– Content Delivery

This checklist is the groundwork of your video content’s SEO. All of these variables hold important details about the main control parameters for your video content just like an ordinary in-page SEO performs. If you managed to take these all details correctly, you don’t even need to apply time on your User Engagement area.

  • Title

Your video title is the singular most effective area where you can place your keyword and get the most users through rate. It is without a doubt the most important area for your SEO roadmap in YouTube.

The good title means you will get a high Click-through rate (CTR), as it’s just a title that appears in your YouTube Search Result Page (YSRP). But we know that YouTube belongs to Google and Google is very notorious on flushing out content that isn’t most relevant, unique and best rated for its users.

Important Note: Make sure your keywords are inserted into tags. Title should be engaging and can easily describe the videos with relevancy and increase the chances of real youtube subscribers.

  • Description

Description area in YouTube is the only place that tells about your video. Through the description, people will understand about your video and what does it explain. Not only for people, but Search engines such as YouTube and Google see the description and index it in their results.

Your main concern while publishing a video is that you get the most Click through rate, so when your descriptions match with the video that you’ve posted, not only your user will be benefited with the content but Google makes your video more prominent in search results.

There is not many limitations of what you post in the description of your video, like you can add links, keywords separated by commas, emojis etc. Make sure all you posted in the description must ultimately match the relevancy of your video and it should be Google search friendly.

Important Note: The description word count should be around 300-500 and must completely describe about your video. Though many people use it as a transcription for your video, which is not bad but unintended.

  • Tags

Remember to insert at least 10 tags that is relevant to your video. Make sure you insert your keywords there as well. It has been found out that YouTube’s tag system is plural sensitive; meaning if you are looking to provide video content of “inventions” or “invention”, the result would be different for both.

Important Note: There is no limit for tags, put as much as you can, make sure they’re relevant.

  • Transcription

People are so used to read subtitles from movies and series that YouTube came out with Transcription options for their visitors as well, and which does get indexed. It’s a simple text, which contains all your dialogue in text format, ready to be an index, but the thing is YouTube is really bad in auto transcribing your video which ruins your experience. The thing about indexing transcriptions is that your tags resemble with your transcripts, but if you make YouTube handle your transcripts using their automatic system, is will be a bizarre and funny interpretation.

If your video contains transcript and people uses the transcript to view your video, Google will make it Closed Caption for users to take advantage from. Once your video is closed captioned, you can also filter your video as closed caption feature from going in advance filter options.

The video that has included captions comes with a small logo at the bottom in the search result:

Important Note: It’s always better to write word for word of your video. You can always upload the text file separately and it would appear in the YouTube video as good form of Closed Caption.

  • Channel Authority

As YouTube is controlled by Google, This means YouTube must uses the algorithms and practices of Google to make it consistent and user approved search results. Just like Google provide the search results of authoritive sites which have huge visitors at the top, your websites will be indexed in prominent pages.

Similarly, YouTube uses a mechanism called Channel authority, which simply means the approval rate it gets from users throughout a time frame. How someone does gets a status of channel authority, is through time and patience.

Google makes a channel authoritative by analyzing the performance of individual videos. These are variables that Google observe on making a channel authority:

  • relevant tags
  • relevant titles
  • relevant description
  • video quality and optimization
  • content publishing frequency
  • promotion methods used

There is no hard and fast rule to fast forward your channel in the authoritative pool of publishers. You need to be consistent in your approach and be extra careful in following guidelines of YouTube whenever you publish a video.

Important Note: Your promotion really defines your channel authority, so it’s up to the publisher to promote as much about their video as possible.

  • Content Delivery

Videos that are less than 1 minute long are not much appreciated by Google in general. The criteria of Content Delivery are measured with the mixture of User Engagement and Content Optimization.

You can simply consider the Content delivery is the video itself without a tag, title, and description. If your video is good, people will share it, view it more, and engage in comments. This increases the Content Delivery and improves your YouTube search results.

Important Note: Make Amazing Videos for your audience, be creative.

  • User Engagement

Once all your ground working is underway and video is being published, then comes the other part of the YouTube SEO, which comes in the domain of User Engagement. In User Engagement, you come to hold off some of the factors which still is under your control like:

  • adding inbound links inside your video
  • link your videos to another high authoritative website such as Quora, Yahoo etc
  • Social Sharing
  • Embeds function
  • Comments and responses


There is no general method to perform in User Engagement, just you need to allow all these functions and make the video spread as time passes by.

  • Conclusion

The world of YouTube is fairly large that exploration on making it more users friendly and appealing gets upgraded time and time again. The channel publishers learn from one another and provide content to the users more frequently and creatively.

At the end of the day, YouTube is about people sharing their ideas and it should be kept this way all the way together.

Subba Reddy

Subba Reddy

Hi, I am Subba Reddy, Hyderabad friends call me subbu and my Ongole Friends call me Reddy, and I own jayshable dot com. I write about Blogging, SEO, Social Media, Make Money Online, WordPress, Web Hosting and many more.
Subba Reddy

Hi, I am Subba Reddy, Hyderabad friends call me subbu and my Ongole Friends call me Reddy, and I own jayshable dot com. I write about Blogging, SEO, Social Media, Make Money Online, WordPress, Web Hosting and many more.

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