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The world of business has realized the power of marketing through smartphone devices.  From startups to small-medium enterprises, to large corporations, they all have discovered smartphone as one of the strongest channels helping them reach more people and, let people easily reach them too.  The smartphone-oriented digital revolution is taking place everywhere in the world, be it USA, India, Australia or Africa. So it cannot be ignored anymore.

But without apps, a smartphone itself is nothing more than a container. Yes, these are apps which have turned smartphones as one the most widely used electronic gadgets so far.

As I already mentioned, businesses have realized the potential of smartphone-mobility and the power of its computing. The technology is now matured enough to serve serious business operations and enterprise procedures.  Things here can go viral in a flash and can be provided to spread among largest groups of audiences.

On the one hand, keeping mobility in the core of several operations is turning out to be a norm of running a business successfully. On the other hand, many small-medium businesses are still not in the strong financial position so that they can go for, get designed and developed an app; particularly when they know that they will need more than one version of a single app for different mobile platforms.

This is what keeps holding many businesses to get a mobile app because they know that they will not be able to make huge investments in getting multiple-platform versions of a single app.

For all of them, an option to get the full-fledged mobile app is hybrid mobile app development technology.

We already have a number of well-performing examples of hybrid mobile applications, such as Gmail, Instagram, Twitter, Instagram, Uber, Apple, App Store and several others. So if big companies are already doing well with their hybrid mobile apps, why can’t small medium business do?

Hybrid mobile application development approach is basically the merge of three web technologies: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Once the app is created using these three web technologies, it’s packed into platform-specific containers which are developed separately for separate mobile platforms with using separate platform specific languages.

So the major part of the app is purely based on the web but, the part that lets users interact with the app is created using platform-specific languages. In this way, the end-product can be implemented on app stores and can be downloaded on smartphones locally.

Here are key benefits of choosing hybrid mobile app development for your business:

Cost effectiveness – The primary benefit that any business attains when it opts to hybrid mobile app development technology is its cost-effectiveness. It’s easy to understand why it is way more cost-effective. When you choose native technology, you will need to invest in creating multiple versions of a single app to implement it on multiple platforms. If your target mobile platforms are iOS, Android and Windows Phone then you will need launching three mobile app developments of a single app and, they all will be designed separately. For a small-medium business, it’s hard to invest in three mobile app development project simultaneously.

Now if the same app is designed through hybrid technology, the key investment will go only into a single app. A tiny, insignificant part of the investment will go into the designing of different containers for different mobile platforms. In result, the development cost is contracted almost to a single app only.

Easy availability of resources – Because hybrid apps are based on web development technologies, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, you will never feel short of good resources. There are tons of web development companies in the world which have upgraded their skills for providing hybrid mobile app development services. Interestingly, their services are affordable, too.

Rapid development and implementation – It’s no secret that app development is really fast with hybrid approach. Unless there are large graphics-designing tasks and heavy customizations associated, the development of an app through hybrid app can speedily be concluded and implemented.

Offline features and functions – Previously,  there was no way to make a hybrid app running offline but now, with innovations in the technology, hybrid apps too can use device’s API and store data for offline use.

Scaling– It’s pretty simple to scale up or scale down a hybrid app as per the device it is running on. Because it’s basically a web app, CSS is always there to make several part of an app scaled to match the sizes of various screens of devices.

Now allow me to expand this article a bit more by adding information about the tools and technologies used for hybrid mobile application development.

PhoneGap – It’s one of the best tools to build apps without any knowledge of the native programming language. Also, it will compile an app with the use of platform’s SDK and make it ready to install on the supported platform.

Xamarin – It is another great framework which is known for its diverse benefits like speed, delivering end-product with native like experience and performance like native apps do.

Titanium Appcelerator – The Titanium uses JavaScript to create app and then the JavaScript code is converted into native code.

Ionic – The open-source framework has a huge library of mobile optimized CSS, JS and HTML constituents along with tools which keep guiding developers in designing and developing interactive mobile apps.

Framework 7 – This framework is preferred by developers for its no dependency on Angular and React. Still, the apps created using it look and feel native. 


Sofia Coppol is a digital marketing expert in Rapidsoft Technologies, a prominent software product development company offering java web development , mobile app development and product development services across the global. She loves to write on latest web and mobile technology trends, startups and enterprises.

Sofia Coppol is a digital marketing expert in Rapidsoft Technologies, a prominent software product development company offering java web development , mobile app development and product development services across the global. She loves to write on latest web and mobile technology trends, startups and enterprises.

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