The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom Vs The Nokia Lumia 1020

Mobiles With Big Cameras: The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom Vs The Nokia Lumia 1020

In the past phones were not able to compete with compact cameras.  However, those days are gone as a number of different phones are now sporting cameras that work just as well as their point and click competition.  The problem is finding out which of these phones offers you the better experience.  Of these phones you should compare the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom and the Nokia Lumia 1020.

The Design of the Phone

The design of the phone is important because it dictates how easily you will be able to use the impressive camera that comes with it.  The overall design of the S4 Zoom is reminiscent of the other S series phones, but there are major differences in the weight and shape of the back of the phone.  The S4 Zoom is considered to be one of the heaviest phones on the market, and this is partially due to the optical zoom lens that the phone incorporates.

The Lumia 1020 offers a much better design when compared to the S4 Zoom.  The phone is easier to pocket with friendlier dimensions.  The phone is also much lighter than the S4 Zoom, which makes it easier to carry around.

The problem for both of these phones is that they are back heavy because of the large cameras they have.  However, the Lumia 1020 is the easier one to hold onto because the producing area in the back of the phone is not as large.  This means that if you are looking at the overall design of the phone the Lumia 1020 is definitely the winner.

The Screen and Display

The S4 Zoom does not have the 5 inch screen that comes with the S4.  This phone offers a 4.3 inch screen, but this does not mean that screen is worse than others.  The resolution is lower, but the colours are as vibrant as you would expect from the S series.  The brightness of the screen is also very good, which means that you should be able to use it outdoors.  The one problem with the S4 Zoom display is the size of the screen because this means you are going to be getting less onto the screen.

The Lumia 1020 does not have a much larger screen at 4.5 inches, but the resolution is better.  The images that you see on the screen are better than the S4 Zoom because of the more realistic and vibrant colours.  However, when you compare the two screens next to each other you will find that the Lumia 1020 is oversaturated in certain areas.  This means that the screen of the S4 Zoom is better overall when compared to the Lumia 1020.

The Interface

The phones run of different operating systems, with the S4 Zoom using Android and the Lumia 1020 using Windows Phone 8.  The Android system that runs on the S4 Zoom has the TouchWiz skin that Samsung includes with all their S phones.  This makes the experience easier for the user and more appealing.

The overall interface of the S4 Zoom is very appealing because it is easy to navigate.  The lock screen of the phone offers 5 different applications, which allow you to go directly to them from the lock screen.  You are also able to use the multi view function where you can view two applications at one time.

The Windows Phone 8 system that the Lumia 1020 runs on has become better over the years.  The interface of the phone is easy to use because it is on the live tiles system.  You can move and resize the tiles to suit what you want, and the size that you want them to be.

It is hard to determine which phone has the better interface because of the different operating systems being used.  There are some people who are more comfortable with the Windows Phone 8 system, while others feel better with the more widely used Android system and interface; with te many more apps available. Android is better for most people.

The Camera

The S4 Zoom has an amazing 16 megapixel camera with more than enough features for any user.  It seems that Samsung crammed every function they could think of into the S4 Zoom.  You can get to the camera application through the dedicated camera button on the phone.  You can also use the camera app shortcut, or the zoom ring on the lens.  There are also 6 different camera modes that you will be able to use.  The zoom ring can be used for a number of other camera related functions.

The Lumia 1020 has a monster camera inside it with 41 megapixels.  The camera application does not work in the way that you would imagine.  There are in fact 3 separate camera applications that you can use.  The different applications will offer you different shooting modes, which help you find the setting that you need.

The primary problem that people find with the Lumia 1020 is the fact that all the features and functions of the camera are located in different applications.  This means that you have to change the application if you want to use a feature that is not found in the application that you are working with.  This can be time consuming and rather confusing.

When you look at the actual pictures that you are able to get with the phones you will find that the optical zoom of the S4 Zoom really sets it apart.  The detail that you are able to get with the zoom is amazing and on par with most of the compact cameras on the market.  The one problem is that sometimes you will find that the colours get washed out with the zoom.

The images that you get with the Lumia 1020 are stunning and it is obvious that Nokia did not spare any costs when they create this phone.  The 41 megapixel camera captures a lot of details and colours that the S4 Zoom is not able to.  This means that the Lumia 1020 does offer the better overall camera experience.

If you are looking for a phone with a great camera then you have to consider the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom and the Nokia Lumia 1020.  In many aspects the Lumia 1020 is the better phone, but the S4 Zoom is a bit special because it is such a novel design.

Subba Reddy

Subba Reddy

Hi, I am Subba Reddy, Hyderabad friends call me subbu and my Ongole Friends call me Reddy, and I own jayshable dot com. I write about Blogging, SEO, Social Media, Make Money Online, WordPress, Web Hosting and many more.
Subba Reddy

Hi, I am Subba Reddy, Hyderabad friends call me subbu and my Ongole Friends call me Reddy, and I own jayshable dot com. I write about Blogging, SEO, Social Media, Make Money Online, WordPress, Web Hosting and many more.

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