The Benefits of Working Remotely in Digital Marketing

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Traditionally, most companies like to have their employees working from a single location. It makes it easier to communicate with them and keep track of exactly what work they’re getting done. But the world has been evolving at a rapid pace for several years now, and there is now a vast array of tools available to make communication far simpler than it’s ever been before.

These days, an enormous chunk of marketing is digital. With all of the tools available these days, digital marketing can be done from anywhere with a reliable internet connection. Many companies are now experimenting more than they have in the past with employing marketers who work remotely. While some might consider this to be a risk, forward-thinking companies are realizing the benefits of having a remote marketing force.

More Manageable Work/Life Balance

When employees are given the opportunity to work remotely, it provides a freedom that’s simply impossible to find inside of a traditional office. In a central office, there is an ever-present feeling of being watched. Even when businesses have a policy of flexible hours, many workers feel self-conscious standing up from their desks in the middle of the day to take a break to refresh and recharge.

Employees who work remotely, on the other hand, have a stronger sense of freedom. If they need to take a jog in the middle of the day to clear their mind or sort through various marketing strategies, there is no worry of a coworker or supervisor silently judging them. If they need to take a moment to go see one of their children in a school production or just spend time with their spouse, they have the freedom to do so, knowing they can still get their work done outside of “normal” business hours.

Improved Productivity

A boost in productivity often accompanies a healthier balance between work and personal life. When employees are able to take care of outside commitments and refresh their energy reserves, that means that when they get back to work, they are better able to focus on getting the work done. Requiring workers to sit at a desk for exactly eight hours each day may lead to a productive workforce in the short term, but over time, it leads to burned-out employees.

Employees who work from home are able to set up their workspaces in the environment that best suits them. Many workers find that working in an office brings too much distractions, with coworkers stopping by at inconvenient times to discuss strategies or just to chat. For a remote worker, if it improves productivity, their office could be a beach, so long as the wi-fi signal is strong enough.

You Can More Easily Hire Workers from Anywhere

Companies hiring new marketers can have their candidate pool severely restricted by geographical area. If your main office is in Cleveland, but the candidate you want to hire lives in San Antonio, moving them across the country can be work-intensive and costly. Meanwhile, there’s a chance that you could find an ideal candidate who has no desire to leave their current home. It can be very enticing for workers to have the option to live wherever they want. Instead of being restricted by your location, you can essentially turn the entire country, or even the entire globe, into a potential candidate pool.

It’s Easier for Marketers to Meet With Clients Face-to-Face

In the world of digital marketing, a single firm can have clients from all over the world. While it’s possible to conduct most business over the phone or via an internet connection, sometimes it’s helpful to make an in-person connection. When you have several digital marketers stationed in a variety of cities, setting up these in-person meetings is a much simpler task. Often, marketing firms will have remote “branches” in distant cities, or even other countries, that are more convenient to their international clients. If there is an emergency and the client wants to meet in person, it’s a much simpler matter for them to meet with a marketer in person if they live nearby. It could be the difference between a day-long travel ordeal or just hopping into the car and driving for an hour or two.

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