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How to Spy On Android Phones

Whether you are a concerned mother, a suspicious wife, a cynical employer or anyone in a need to spy someone for the ethical purpose, all you need is a spy application to set your worries to rest. Having a monitoring app installed on the Android phone of the person you want to monitor enables you to discover much about that person such as its location, activities, and information stored on its phone. These applications work with complete secrecy without leaving any clue for the target, which means your husband and kids would not get any hint that you are stalking them.

How Do These Spy Apps Work?

First, you need to choose a spy app appropriate for your requirements. Get the app from Google Play Store or an alternative source; install it both on your own phone and the Android phone you want to monitor. You may hide the app to remove clues. After the successful installation of the app, it would automatically start updating you about the information and activities performed on the monitored device.

What These Spy Apps Do For You?

Given are the features that some of the top-notch android phone tracking apps offers allowing you to monitor your kids, spouse, and employees.

Spy on Messages and Calls

You can read messages and complete thread conversation on the spied device; listen to the incoming and outgoing calls, record and intercept these calls. The contact information of the person who has made call or messages or to whom the calls and messages are made can also be viewed.  


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Track GPS Location

You can track the location of your significant ones to make sure they are safe. The employers can track their mobile workforce to keep a record of the places they have traveled to within certain duration. It will prevent them from wasting working hours and going to unassigned places.

Monitor Social Media and Internet Browsing

What your kids are doing on social media, with whom they are engaged and what they are looking for on the internet, everything could be in your knowledge. You can read conversations made through Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Skype, Line, Viber and popular hookup apps like Tinder. The internet browsing history and the information about the time, duration, and frequency of visiting each site can also be tracked.  

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Track Emails

Your employees may be sharing confidential information of your company via emails, so tracking incoming and outgoing emails on the company owned devices can save from a huge loss. You cannot just read the content of the email but also get the information of the sender or receiver of the email including name, number and email address. Some spy software allows keystroke logging to get an email address and password keystrokes to use email account of the person you are spying.    

Record Surrounding Sounds and Sights

Some advanced monitoring software allow you to operate the camera and microphone of the monitored device to record surrounding sounds and views. This allows you to identify the whereabouts of your kids so you can make sure they are not with any stranger or predator. It is more useful when you want to know what your employees are gossiping and talking about.     

Block Websites and Calls

These applications not just let you monitor the internet activities of your teens but also let you block certain websites to minimize their odds of exposing to inappropriate content. Also, you can block calls from unknown sources to prevent persecutors accessing your kids.

Discover Photos and Videos

Though there are various apps letting you hide your photos, videos, and private stuff, the spy apps break the barriers letting you discover hidden or even deleted photos, videos and other multimedia files.

View and Edit Phonebook

You can view the contacts stored on the monitored device as well as deleting the unwanted or adding new contacts. This enables you to be familiar with the people your kids are engaged so you can make sure they are not in contact with a predator. When it comes to the employer, it helps you to ensure your workers are not connected with any competitor.


When it comes to spy an Android mobile phone, spying app can help you in various ways to monitor your employees, kids or spouse. While there are various spy apps in the market it is hard to find out the one that worth your dollars. So, make sure you choose a feature rich, secure and reliable app to monitor Android device as TheOneSpy is.

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