What is Solid Cologne? – The Benefits of Using Solid Cologne

As much as the liquid perfumes and colognes are famous, many people believe that the fragrances are available in the bottles only that is why when we talk about the solid colognes, not many of us know about it.

Background of the Solid colognes:

Solid colognes have been used in ancient Egypt when the fragrances were mixed with the wax, and it is stored in tin and cans for use. These solid and wax based colognes are more comfortable to carry and can be kept for years as well. It was easy to make and apply and very popular among people because of scorching weather.

Solid cologne

Since Egypt was very hot reign, the alcohol and other similar ingredients tended to evaporate way quicker than any cold area. That is why people mix the scents of different types with the bee wax and solidify it. It will help them to avoid all kinds of fancy bottles and essential oils from spilling too that is why the solid colognes were invented and used way before us.

What is solid cologne?

Solid colognes are one of the fragrances which are available in the solid state; they have similar properties like liquid cologne and serve the same purpose too. Therefore you can buy and use it whenever you like, and since many cologne companies have introduced the solid cologne yet again, it is quite in fashion to use it as well as you can own few according to your personal choice.

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What are the benefits of using Solid cologne?

As much as these colognes are getting famous in men grooming culture, they are very beneficial as well which is one of the primary reasons for their success and popularity.

For those who have issues in carrying the large spray bottles and needs quick application too, these solid colognes are the right choice for you. Usually, most of us sweat more during the daytime, and it is impossible to carry your cologne bottle anywhere you go, especially for men who don’t take a purse like women. That is why these solid colognes can fit in your pocket, and you can easily carry it wherever you go. It is also the best option for quick reapplication when you need it.

It is excellent when it comes to the strength the vital warm points where you need lasting and perfect fragrance. That is why either you are wearing the cologne or not; it is the best option to apply it to your pulse points to get the hint of scent for long hours. Make sure you always use your solid cologne behind your ears, wrist, and neck which gives a refreshing feel to those who meet you as well as keeps you smelling good all day long

when you want something which is non-spillable and also contains strong scent then this is your best bet. The solid colognes are ideal for carrying it in day to day basis as well as packing it in your luggage. That is why if you need something TSA friendly it is the best pick too.

While we spray any cologne, deodorant, and perfume, the alcohol vaporizes in the air which harms and pollutes it also. Since the liquid sprays and fragrances evaporate in the air within few hours, you need something which lasts longer than it and therefore solid colognes last way longer than any perfumes and colognes.

It is also very allergy friendly, and unlike most of the liquid colognes, it doesn’t overwhelm anybody with the strong scent. You can apply any of your favorite solid colognes and others will pick it as soon as you reach bit without disturbing their senses.

It is also a right choice for those who like organic products as many leading brands like Alfred Lane is using the best and natural ingredients for making the solid cologne. The main components are Shea butter, beeswax, and essential oils.

Why should I opt for solid cologne than the liquid ones?

You can use both of the cologne at once which allows you to smell great all day as well as the best option for layering the scents. As much as you want to smell perfect all day long, the solid and liquid colognes play an essential role in it. You can buy an excellent solid colognes for applying at your pulse points and for reapplication while wearing the liquid colognes at the start of the day along with the solid ones.

The solid colognes are the right choice for those people who have allergies towards strong smell but don’t want to smell bad either therefore you can use it as they have light and long-lasting fragrance. It is also the best option for traveling and keeping it in the pocket for long days and reapplication. It is one of the right accessories a man can have, and since men of this generation are more concern in their grooming and style, the solid colognes plays an essential part in your personality.

You can also apply and keep the solid colognes when you are out of reach from your liquid colognes for long hours and needs an immediate hint of scent to refresh you. Many times when you need to go out after office, work or after party you can just touch your pulse points with the solid colognes, and you are ready to go.

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