6 Simple Ways to Boost Your Social Media Presence

Let’s admit it now; business success is all about social media presence now. Whether you sell a product or a service, being low on social media, means being low on business. To tell you the truth, even the smallest of enterprises are beginning to believe in this and only for good reasons.

Today, social media holds the key to your popularity among present and prospective clients.

So, it makes all the sense to make yourself seen on the social media, and even more sense to boost your presence on the vital platforms. This article talks about 5 simple ways to boost your social media presence.

However, to make more sense to those for who terms like “Facebook”, “Twitter”, “Pinterest”, etc., are only familiar names but not by utility, let’s know a bit what social media and your presence there, is all about.

A Little about Being Social Media

It primarily consists of these platforms, but there is also more to it, of course.

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest

Platforms like Tumblr, Stumble Upon, Exposure, Reddit, etc., also form a major part of social media.

Hand holding a Social Media 3d Sphere sign on white background.

It is this kind of media that helps one stay more social, more global than one could ever imagined. It transcends geographical boundaries like it is a child’s play. And that is how globalization demands to be.

Why it is important to be active here is simple. The approach of businesses is much vaster now and dinner parties cannot do the relationship building magic that they used to, half a decade ago. You need to be connected through the web, 24*7 to be able to build and maintain business relationships. It is precisely the function of these platforms to help you do that.

Here are five extremely important things that social media can do for you:

  1. Bring in traffic
  2. Keep your clientele engaged
  3. Make you a brand
  4. Make you accessible all round the clock
  5. Help you hold your ground amidst competition.

So, you know all it can do for you, it is now a good idea to tell you how you can boost your presence thereof. Here, then, are 5 amazingly simple ways as can boost you presence over the social media.


  • Humanize Your Brand


People do not like zombies. It is never a delight to connect with a brand (whether a company or a person) that doesn’t have a face or any personality whatsoever. A faceless corporate is totally not something that can hold people.

Here’s what, people like transparency, and so they wish to communicate with humans and not phantoms.

An impressive corporate image may be appealing to you, but not to your clients. Social media is about connection. A brand that is human and behaves like one can be a surely popular presence.

Here are some ways that will really help you humanize your profile:

  • Use a name, may it be yours or that of a person who handles your social media. The belief that there is a real person behind a profile is really comforting. It feels nice that the communication is two way. The feel of one’s words falling into a bucket that generates automated responses is pretty cold and disheartening.

    • Add a real face of a real person. Don’t just pick a stock photo. That’s a cheap tactic. Put your own picture out there; or a picture of a real person from your business. You must have a face.


  • Use “I” instead of “We”. Seriously, how do you feel when the customer care executive says, “Don’t worry! I shall help you solve this problem.” Great! Don’t you? This is what creates the trust; that a person is there to own up; that it is not just a representative who speaks on the behalf of the brand just because he has to.

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  • Associate emotions. Each business works on emotions. This is not to say that you form an emotional bond with your clients. It means that, basic emotions like gratitude, and a helping hand in solving their problems or making some part of their lives better or easier, help you retain them.

Just try this and you will be really astounded to see that it works terribly well.


  • Identifying Your Audience


Now that you have identified the platforms and created profiles on them, the big part that you need to figure out is who your audience will be. You need to know who those people are who will be interested in connecting to you online. You may be able to make a million friends but you need to figure out, who are those who shall be the worthy ones.  You need to narrow down on your target customers.

You need to segment in order to know what audience you shall be focusing on.

And that will really depend upon:

  • The platforms that you have chosen. For e.g., the audience that you will find on Instagram may not be the same as you find on LinkedIn. So, pay attention there.
  • The kind of content that you plan to publish
  • The voice that you will maintain. (the one that we talked of in point no.1)
  • The sort  information that is supplied by your profiles about you

Once that is done, you will know who to pitch. And once you have roped them in, make them stay with the customary practice of conveying your gratitude for being a part of your pursuit. From here you can take promoting products, services, events, contests, specials offers, etc., on social media, for it will have a wider approach now. Keep them feeling appreciated and you are sure of reap the benefits of referrals.


  • Building Relationships


Now, this works like common sense. Having your profile humanized on the most pivotal platforms cannot work if you just keep waiting for people to like and follow you. It doesn’t work that way. You have to make the effort, and the initiation has to be from your side for building relationships.

A solid profile, without any interaction is like a super car without fuel.

The first step is to make friends and followers; and choosing influncers. Once that is done you need to maintain them.

Even when you are taking this first step, there are things that you must pay attention to; though it is just common sense.

  • Do not send random requests to people. You may not be of relevance to them, and so you may end up annoying them. Make sense out of people’s profiles before sending requests.
  • The number of friends wouldn’t really matter if they are not the people who are prospectively beneficial for your business.
  • Choose influencers very wisely. The kind of famous personalities you follow need to be giving away a positive image of yours. It is more important than you think it is.

That said, you need to take these relationships ahead and keep them close to your heart. Here is how you may be able to do it.

  • When you mention anybody (and you must) in your posts, mention them with @ so that they are roped in.
  • Engage them by asking questions and opinions
  • Answer them in full measure. Whether replying to a good comment or a bad one, answer you must. Ignoring is no option. However, discretion and composure must be used in both the cases.
  • When people share your content, be a part of it. It makes them more related.
  • Don’t just like, share, pin and re-tweet content from friends and followers; reach out; comment; strike a conversation. That how we roll.  


  • Forging a Community: Social Media


This is important and you must comprehend why. It is pretty easy to understand how society operates. Birds of a feather flock together.

When seen anthropologically, it is the case that people who buy same brands or use same services are bound together to one another by a sense of loyalty and belongingness. They are called consumer tribes, as if bound by the same belief system.

So, to keep them bound with you, all you need to do is make a community and then start communicating only to find out that your conversation is only a stimulus for the community members to get engaged and relate. And making them feel valued makes them proud in a way for being associated with your community.

Nurture this loyalty by

  • being an active voice in the community to lead in a positive direction
  • engage the members by sharing your own experiences
  • inviting them to share theirs
  • asking them for their feedback and redressing it in case of negative ones
  • find common interests and build on them

All this will make the community identify with your brand, which is an exceptionally good thing for you. So, ultimately, what you will have formed is a close-knit family. And families stick together better than friends.


  • Engage Them to Keep Them


Social Media

Multiethnic Group of People Social Networking at Cafe

Engaging the followers totally involves speaking and listening, and you will fail if you miss out on either.

Engage them with sharing content, striking conversations, posing questions, writing comments, launching contests, floating opinion polls, launching special offers and events – some of them or all of them. The only point is that it doesn’t have to be one sided.

If you do not speak, nothing will ever become of your social media effort, even if the product or service that you offer is impressive. Your reach will always be limited.

If you do not listen, you lose the battle that may have been half one by speaking.

This is simple, and it is plain human psychology. Everybody wishes to be heard. For any audience to have been heard, to have been agreed to, and to have been  appreciated is like an achievement. Make them feel that they have achieved something and they will not only stick around but also share your posts with others. It works as a referral program but without any financial investment.

  • Platforms like Reddit offer themselves as pretty useful places for creating and joining threads.
  • Twitter chats can be handy too. Chat hours let you be talked about by finding and using trending hashtags at the appropriate times.
  • LinkedIn can give you chance to enter into industry, trade, or interest specific discussions.

One more thing; engagement is fine, but what do you do about negative engagement? What about the grievances and negative reviews? Do you ignore them? Do you just take those words off the page? NO!

Any kind of feedback must be confronted boldly but not defensively.

Any brand that has the guts to own up, is a hero. Your job is to satisfy as well as pacify the customers. Even if you find nasty ones, make sure you confront those most decently.


  • Be Visually Appealing


Looking at the present scenario, you cannot imagine social media without visuals. Pictures are one of the best tactics to optimize any sort of content for social media.

The reasons are that they catch the attention within fractions of a second, and get more engagement easily. Sites like Tumblr, Exposure and Pinterest have a lot of pictures and that’s how people like it.

But get this clear, stock photos are not what people want. Real is what is needed. So, what do you post?

Teamwork and team spirit – Hands piled on top of one another .

Your own pictures

  • Pictures of your clients (if they consent)
  • Photos of events
  • Show them how your premises look or how the work is done.
  • Humorous and witty infographics
  • Famous inspirational quotes
  • GIF is something that really works.

Give them your creative touch; get them designed if you will; but do use visuals. And make sure that you use your logo or watermark. Link the infographics back to your site, so that you will be fetching traffic out of it.

At present, social media is absolutely visual-driven. Things that catch the attention of the eye and the intellect are taken well, and get popular real quickly. People do not really read the content; they just skim through; and whatever is visually appealing gets the attention while they are scrolling through.

So, make use of this great option and make content that achieves a fine balance between text and pictures. That is the best way to lead it.

Also make sure that you do not overdo it. In that case, things will start becoming redundant and you will become predictable.


This sort of presence is indeed, more of a requisite now to be alive and kicking, especially if you are a start up, or a business that still hasn’t reached adulthood.

It will not only get to a better level of popularity soon enough, but also get you leads, which you can ultimately convert into business. So, try these out for a couple of months and see what wonders they do to boost your social media presenc


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