Simple and easy to use Word press Plugin: Under Construction Page

Many website owners will understand the sleepless nights of working under pressure to fix simple issues of your Word Press websites or simple upgrading some pages in a live mode. It’s often possible that in the process of fixing your website, you may tweak the settings and make the website not responsive to the process which will be devastating for online visitors.

In order to free from such hurdles of routine maintenance of your website which don’t affect your brand reputation in the meantime, is simply use a Word press Plugin Under Construction, whose primary purpose is to protect your website by showing an under construction page whenever someone visits your website.

This blog will explain about the great features from Under Construction Plugin and shortly you will learn that it offers much more things than simple under construction page to its users.

1 Plugin Overview:

This Simple Word Press Under Construction Plugin automatically steps up a page for your visitors whenever you require to switch on the maintenance mode ON. It’s only the question of a simple switch, whether to turn on and off. Under Construction Plugin is amazingly fast to customize and it practically provides the user to follow baby steps for all those newcomers to become master in order to change construction page design or the content of your website. So it’s safe to say that Under Construction Plugin the most User-friendly plugin for setting up a simple maintenance mode for WordPress website out there.


Plugin Popularity:

It is mentioned in Under Construction’s official website and at the time writing this article, that they have over 140k+ active users currently using their plugin with over 10k/month growth rate. These figures are more than enough to understand that they have truly won the hearts of the Word Press users and are continuously proving to be better at what they do, is to provide simple and user-friendly solutions.

Website Caching off the shelf:

For most of us technical gurus, caching in terms of the website is single most important performance factor that greatly affects the overall speed and page loading time. Under Construction Plugin comes with the support of most of the available caching plugins out there to avoid any manual purges for new pages and functions, thus making it a sweet deal for detail lovers in the world of website optimization domain.

It’s all about ratings:

Getting a number of downloads is one thing, but getting positive reviews is another which support the authenticity of any Plugin out there in the world of WordPress. Under Construction Plugin has over 1000+ star ratings under his belt which is an accomplishment of being trusted Plugin in the market.

Wait there’s more

The primary focus of Under Construction Plugin is provided quick and easy setup for a maintenance page to their users, but how doesn’t love something extra on the side? This Plugin provides you email support as well, like for the people are really want to get in touch with their favorite website, who are, for the time being under construction mode, can take advantage from email functionality inside the under construction page.

Google approved!

Do you know, Google doesn’t like those website pages that are missing page titles and Meta description, and what Google doesn’t like don’t show at the top of the search result. Under Construction Plugin comes with build in SEO optimized options with the customized title heading, and Meta description for your under construction page. Meaning, your new temporary page will still be shown in the Google search results EVEN its being under maintenance mode.

Get all analytics of your visitors

Analytics is what keeps us motivated, and that shouldn’t be down if a website is under temporary scheduled maintenance. Under Construction Plugin comes with Google Analytics support to keep you posted with visitors coming to your websites during the under construction page is up and running.

Check out this great introductory video about Under Construction Plugin and how easy it is to use it for the first comers.

  1. Installation

Under Construction Plugin is extremely easy to install and setup your WordPress website. What does it require? Only a hosting server and WordPress script installed on it, that’s it.

Below are steps along with screenshots to assist you in installing Construction Plugin first time in your WordPress website:

Step 1: Type in Under Construction Plugin inside WordPress plugin repository

In order to get free version of the plugin, there are two ways. First is to go inside your WordPress Plugin through “Add Plugin” button and search Under Construction Plugin. You will probably get Under Construction on Plugin developed by Web Factory Ltd. The other way around is to search the plugin in any search engine by typing Under Construction Plugin and you can just download the zip file of the Plugin and upload manually into your WordPress directory.

Once you have installed the Plugin, just activate the plugin and its loaded into your website. But you will not see the maintenance pages for the first time its active.

If you are looking to have Pro version of the Plugin, just visit the plugin’s landing page and download the Plugin. for One Website its base cost is $70. It also offers yearly subscription which is much cheaper for single website, for just $25.

Step 2: Maintenance Page load is just a button away

Once you have installed the plugin into your WordPress website and activated it, you can find the plugin settings inside the Setting menu of the WordPress. Inside the “Settings”, you’ll find “UnderConstruction” option that has everything you need for putting your website into construction mode. Clicking on UnderConstruction option, you’ll see the main screen of the plugin. At the Main tab, the very first option will be “Under Construction Mode” with a toggle switch ON|OFF button. That would be most probably be in OFF (Red) state.

when you are really to test the plugin for the first time and see if the plugin is that easy to use as it claims to be, just hit Under Contraction Mode button in ON and you’re done. Your website is now showing under construction page to whoever it wishes to access.

Note: On the same browser where you are logged in as WordPress admin, once you’ll enter you’re Now under Constructed website, you’ll see it working normally, with a message popping up in the left side as “Whitelist User”. Because you are the administrator of the website, and the plugin has provided you the privilege of being automatically into the Whitelist so that you can test out the page debug and maintenance.

  1. Design and Customization

Under Construction Plugin comes with various out of the box designs and features for their users to use in free version. Not only they are many, but using it is very easy and straightforward. Like if you are looking to edit the page style, image, text, and social media linking etc, where to look for. This article will assist you along with some screenshots of how well documented Under Construction Plugin truly is.

Much great free Design to choose from:

Everyone loves free things, and if they are as good as the Pro version who could say no to them. Under Construction Plugin provides Design option to their user which provides several design templates for your under construction page.

All of the images are arranged in grid format with just hit and select away. There are about 28 free templates available off the shelf for free and pro users alike with the option to build custom theme page on your own.

Inside your WordPress admin panel, you can navigate to UnderConstruction setting option inside “Settings” menu. From there, navigate to the “Design” tab to select from the array of premade themes for your construction page or make on your own.

Changes Content in just a minute

Next, to the Design tab inside your UnderConstruction admin panel, you would find tab named “Content” which provide editable option for all text located in your under construction page. This content section is divided into two areas, SEO content & page content.

SEO content contains title and description text which is more relevant for a search engine such as Google. Over the Title edit box, you’ll notice [site-title] with some text next to it. The plugin provides some fundamental shortcodes at your disposal that will guide you to provide as much solid information as quickly as you can. Below are the shortcodes you can you inside the Content Tab section

  • [site-title]: shows the title of your WordPress Website as set in Options-General.
  • [site-tagline]: displays the tagline of your Website as set in Option-General
  • [site-url]: displays homepage site address (URL), as set in Option-General
  • [wp-url]: displays WordPress address (URL), as set in Option-General
  • [site-login-url]: displays the URL to site login page

These shortcodes can be used anywhere inside the Content section page of the Under Construction Plugin. In terms of consistency, the [site-title] is used inside the “Title” textbox and [site-tag] is used inside the “Description” text box.

The other part of the Content Section revolves around UnderConstruction Page content that is based on Heading and Content. The Heading text appears as bold and H1 size, while content is just normal text form. Another good thing about Under Construction Plugin is that the content uses WYSIWYG Editor that has huge benefits for the website owner in terms of customization.

Besides customization of text and images, there is the option of showing the login button inside the UnderConstruction Page, which opens up WordPress Login page for users to login into their account.

An option is left for people that love to promote their love to the Under Construction Plugin by the name of “Show Some Love”. By turning it on, a single line text appears in your UnderConstruction Page that displays “Create a free under construction page for WordPress like this one in under a minute.”

The website mostly runs parallel with social media activity, so if you want to show some social media links inside your UnderConstruction page, just paste your respective social media profile page links for the icons to appear on the page.

  1. Whitelist Explained

Above we gave you some teaser about whitelist feature that Under Construction Plugin uses to bypass the under construction page and displays the WordPress website in their usual form. Well, that feature can be tweaked as well, inside the UnderConstruction Tab “Access”. In free version, the users can avail this Access feature in the form of user roles, but just enabling the WordPress assigned roles as the whitelist to allow them to access the website as nothing has changed. Below are the roles that have the power to be inside the group of whitelist.


  • Administrator
  • Editor
  • Author
  • Contributor
  • Subscriber

An administrator is automatically being assigned as a Whitelist user can access the website while roaming in the same browser it is being logged in. A separate option is also provided to select users that can be a part of the whitelist group and can access the website normal mode. Only we have to enter the name of registered users to make them inside whitelist as well.

The pro version has the feature to whitelist URL address as well.

  1. Lightning fast Support

Under Construction Plugin has a strong Supporting community through their official Plugin page where they can gladly assist us on any issues you may be facing while using their plugin, so sleep well, your website won’t be left behind.

  1. Features available for Pro

All above are both for free and Pro users. The exclusive features for Pro Version are below:

Drag and Drop page builder

The most loving feature provided by WordPress that includes zero technical knowledge will always be Drag and Drop page builder. For pro version, you can get it which will help you to customize your page through drag and drop in quick and efficient manner.

Improved access control

Website Access in Pro version has the addition of IP address filtering, meaning besides providing single users entity, you can add IP address for agencies or workplaces that will definitely save you lots of time.

Custom links with custom expire rules

Pro has custom links features as well as your UnderConstruction Page. Expiry rules on the top will help you make things interesting in your own way.

MailChimp and Zapier support

Email support is only for Pro users, from where they can provide email subscription services to their users and manage website support help desk as well.

Support for local database autoresponder

Making this automated always helps your business to flourish through heaps and bounds. Using local database autoresponder, you can answer to certain question of the visitors, like when is website going up? How long will it take to make UnderConstruction done? etc answer them quickly 24/7/356.

Import and Export settings

Import your Under Construction Plugin data into a website or export for future use. All can be done in PRO version easily.

Unsplash API integration – get access to more than 300k photos

People who are more into the photo business, they can settle on single page with nothing to show except a UnderConstruction image. Through Pro version, you can integrate third-party software Unsplash that is a repository for HD images storage area.

Newsletter module

Never stop those subscribers door to follow your website. You can activate PRO feature an make your Newsletter service to go forward even you are Under Construction.

Countdown timer and much more!

Things you can get in Pro version can only find out by trying it out. Believe us, you will be truly amazed at the Under Construction Plugin throughout your lifetime.

Subba Reddy

Subba Reddy

Hi, I am Subba Reddy, Hyderabad friends call me subbu and my Ongole Friends call me Reddy, and I own jayshable dot com. I write about Blogging, SEO, Social Media, Make Money Online, WordPress, Web Hosting and many more.
Subba Reddy

Hi, I am Subba Reddy, Hyderabad friends call me subbu and my Ongole Friends call me Reddy, and I own jayshable dot com. I write about Blogging, SEO, Social Media, Make Money Online, WordPress, Web Hosting and many more.

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