Serious Faults to Avoid While Using Twitter Private Proxies

Twitter Private Proxies

Have you ever used Twitter private proxies for social media marketing? If you have ever used them, then most likely you are aware that there are also dedicated private proxies in the market.

It is a very straightforward process. What you need to do is to create several accounts that are connected to the social media platform through Twitter private proxies.

Then you proceed by following as many fans as you can. Remember, by following as many people as you can, you also have to share attractive and helpful content so as to draw traffic to your site.

The process of using Twitter proxies is straightforward by not an easy one. As a social media marketer aiming to draw more traffic to your site, you can make several faults that might affect your Twitter accounts as well as leading to your site links being obstructed on the social media network.

Therefore ensure to avoid such mistakes in your Twitter journey. Below is a list of mistakes that you should avoid throughout your Twitter journey.

Avoid getting Twitter accounts in bulk

Be cautious in account sharing as well as Twitter proxies’ distribution. Remember when you create several accounts from the same IP, a banned Twitter account raises the risks for the other accounts. In short, you should avoid purchasing accounts if you don’t have the idea of their creation procedure.

It is recommended to create your accounts manually. It might seem like a time-consuming process but it is a secure approach. Ensure the same Twitter proxy is used for account creation as well as account management.


Wrongly Twitter private proxies management

As you will receive your Twitter proxies in a document file, it is essential to put into consideration how to preserve an apparent record of which account is allocated to which Twitter proxy. Combining and incorrectly allocating accounts and Twitter proxies raises the risks of your accounts being banned and your proxies flagged.

After purchasing Twitter proxies, ensure you don’t allocate them, it is advisable, first to create a spreadsheet where you will record your Twitter proxies together with your account details. This will enable you to have a record of which Twitter proxy was allocated to which account thus evading the fault of miss-allocating Twitter proxies and accounts.

Avoid using same user sources for bulk accounts

You have created your accounts through Twitter proxies, and now it’s time you start following as many fans as you can and the more users you follow the more you will be expecting them to follow you back. You should avoid narrowing your following sources, that is to say, you avoid using several accounts to follow same users.

This process hinders your audience to your posted tweets. Broaden your audience to your accounts. For your information, social media marketing via Twitter private proxies is a scalable process. The more users you attain, the greater the possibilities of enhancing organic engagement.


To wrap up, as a social media marketer, you should stay away from the above mistakes if you are thinking of using Twitter proxies to make a social media process with the aim of drawing traffic to your site.

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