Samsung Galaxy S9: The smartest smartphone of 2018

Samsung is working very hard on making its smartphone secure and valuable. iPhone X is an example of how beautiful a smartphone can be, and Samsung did very right with the Samsung Galaxy S8, and now everything is set on the next Samsung Galaxy S9 which is expecting to have many smartphone features, and few of them are discussed below.

Samsung galaxy s9

Do Not Disturb feature allows you to disable announcements – incoming calls, notifications or alarms – at certain times, and you can set some contacts and applications as allowed so that your notifications do arrive. Unfortunately, it does not allow choosing different schedules according to the day of the week, something that seems basic and easy to implement.

Of course the Galaxy S8 + also supports Smart Lock, which means you do not need to unlock the device with fingerprint, iris, PIN or password if a Bluetooth device you are in close proximity – for example, a smart bracelet, a Bluetooth headset, etc. It’s easy to set up new devices you trust, and you can also set up locations you trust, such as your home or office, even though the app alerts you that the radius of these locations is 80 meters.

Samsung has moved to the settings the old Smart Manager application that allowed managing from a single point the battery, storage, RAM, and security. Overall, these features do quite well in the Galaxy S8, and now imagine if these features are improved then, of course, Samsung Galaxy S9 will be ahead in the race to the Apple iPhone 8.

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The Galaxy S8 also has other basic features that are expected to be very same in the Galaxy S9:

Battery: Allows you to know data about the use of the battery, to activate the different saving modes, and to know applications with abnormal battery consumption.

Performance mode (new): Allows you to select a mode of operation between four (optimized, play, entertainment, and high performance)

Storage:  It allows knowing the use of storage, to eliminate unnecessary data, and to eliminate unused user data.

Memory: It allows to know the use of the memory and to stop applications with high consumption.

Device Security:  Allows device scanning for threats using an Intel anti-malware.

Samsung also has built-in Game Launcher, which organizes all games in one place automatically, and offers interesting features while playing as no alerts when playing, mute the game (but not the phone) and select three modes of performance (high Performance, energy savings, and normal performance).

During a game, it is possible to capture a screen or even record a video in which your own face appears in a corner using the front camera. The sound source can be the phone’s microphone or the game’s audio. So, for the gamers, the new Samsung Galaxy S9 is going to be a perfect phone.


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