Top Resume Objective Writing Tips and Examples

What is a resume objective?

A resume objective is often a statement of about two to three sentences long of your aims for employment that you write on the first paragraph of your resume. Usually appears at the top of your resume.

Unlike what people believe, a resume objective which is referred as a career objective in other terms does not generally describe how much you need the job and the growth you can achieve from the post you are applying for both individually and professionally.

An effective resume objective is one that is directly tailored to the position and type of employment you are looking for.

Here you clearly indicate the kind of career you are in need of, your skill set and experiences you poses that make you feel you are the best candidate for the job.

However, this part of a resume is optional but when included in your resume, you can easily show the employer that you understand what you need and are conversant with the field.

A well-written resume objective should be a tailored statement that clearly and in brief communicates to an employer the way your skills, knowledge, and traits will hold up the aims of the particular post and company you are applying for.

What is the importance of a resume objective?

As stated above that a resume objective comprises of a two to three sentences statement that appears at the top of a resume, one should know that this section acts as the opening of your resume and it should be written in a professional manner.

Remember a good opening of your resume will yield better results by enabling you as a candidate to stand out from the crowd and convince the hiring manager as the ideal candidate they are seeking.

In today’s world where there is a stiff competition for jobs since jobs are scarce, a single job advert can attract hundreds of applicants all applying for that same vacant.

Although some people see it unnecessary to include a resume objective, a resume objective that clearly shows your skills and abilities can essentially improve your resume since hiring managers will be convinced that you know what you want to achieve and that you have what it takes for the job thus standing out to be the right candidate for the job.

Note that, you must make this section as brief as possible. A well and clearly written resume objective will also motivate the reader to read the details further.

When to use a resume objectiveresume objective

Some people find resume objectives as an old fashion way of writing a resume.

However, there are instances where a resume objective can be beneficial. For instance, you may include a resume objective when you want to emphasize that you know your goals in a career and that you post the required skills for the job. Here a resume objective will be helpful.

Another instance where a resume objective is helpful is when you are switching careers. A resume objective can show why you are the best fit candidate for the job, although you lack some related experience.

Since this is the first section that the hiring manager sees it in the first glance of your resume, utilize the advantage to market yourself.

How to write an impressive resume objective

There are certain things that a resume objective must include. If you must incorporate this section in your resume, you must tailor it to the specific job you are applying for. Remember, the more exact you are the higher chances you stand to be considered as the best candidate for the job you desire. Moreover, you can do a little research to know how you can tailor your resume objective.

These three key short statements must be included in your resume objective.

  1. The job you are applying for
  2. Skills related to the job
  3. Achievements that align with your potential job profile.

To achieve this, you must ensure to be specific, include keywords from the posted job in your resume objective. Base your resume objective on particular skills and experiences that are straightforwardly linked to the job.

Even though a resume objective shows information about the career that you desire, you must also clearly indicate why you are the best candidate for the job. In a short statement, write any information that shows your experience, such as your years in the field, your particular skill set, and any other requirements.

Note that, as it is the first section in your resume, you need to tell the hiring manager what you can bring to the table when considered for the job. Again, you should put in mind that employers are looking for someone who the company can benefit from and not someone who can benefit from the company.

Use these three tips for writing an impressive resume objective.

  1. State your goals clearly: Ensure your resume is not meant for anyone or any type of job as this will not help you. Ensure your resume objective is detailed, showing the hiring manager why you think you are the ideal candidate for the position.
  2. Put your needs last: This might sound harsh, but remember, the hiring manager is not concerned about how getting the job will help you grow your career. Make sure the hiring manager sees what you are bringing to the company.
  3. State your strengths: As stated above that a resume objective is the first section of your resume, it is basically the first thing the employer reads. Highlight your strengths in this section to show that you are qualified for the position advertised. Use keywords related to the description in this section.

Sample resume objective statements

  • An experienced ICT support staff with 2 years of experience in the industry, seeking for a similar position in the ICT department of the organization where I can effectively use my ICT and organizational skills to enhance my competence and benefit the organization.

From this sample, you will obtain a complete idea on how to state your major achievements, experience, and skills in a few words and design an outstanding resume objective.

  • Professional software engineer with 4 years in the software development industry. Looking to effectively use my app development skills to develop effective software for the company to help in all company operations such as computation of daily company expenditure.

Things that can damage your resume objective

  • If you emphasize on what you want to get from the company instead of what you are bringing in the company
  • If you include a large resume objective. Ensure the hiring manager takes only 10-15 seconds to go through your resume objective
  • A resume objective that is not tailored to the job advertised. Avoid using general objective on your resume.
Subba Reddy

Subba Reddy

Hi, I am Subba Reddy, Hyderabad friends call me subbu and my Ongole Friends call me Reddy, and I own jayshable dot com. I write about Blogging, SEO, Social Media, Make Money Online, WordPress, Web Hosting and many more.
Subba Reddy

Hi, I am Subba Reddy, Hyderabad friends call me subbu and my Ongole Friends call me Reddy, and I own jayshable dot com. I write about Blogging, SEO, Social Media, Make Money Online, WordPress, Web Hosting and many more.

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