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Awesome Skype Call Recorders for Windows that you should have.

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Are you looking for a Skype Call recorder for Windows PC?

If yes, then you are in the right place and this article is for you. Here you will learn about the popularly used Skype Call recorder for your needs.

Today, many people are using Skype as a way of communication while on their day to day activities around the globe. Skype has enabled people to keep tabs on what’s happening worldwide making people get the opportunity to see and hear what’s happening in other parts of the world without having to be there physically.

When it comes to business matters, Skype has enabled business people to hold meetings without having to avail themselves physically in those meetings by use of video conferencing.

In addition, Skype has not only reinforced social relationships but has also managed to uphold business empires enabling people who are positioned in different areas to work in the same company in the effort to undertake a similar goal.

While at these meetings, business people find the importance of collecting these conversations for future reference. These conversations are helpful for both business and personal use and that’s the reason why business people are obliged to find the best call recording software to do that.  

Others would want to record these skype calls and conversations so as to remember what they talked about. However, it is good to note that Skype does not provide built-in call recording. Thankfully, third-party developers have made it possible to record Skype calls by developing software that makes it easy for people to record their video and audio calls with Skype.

However, it is good to remember that before you use that Skype call recorder you should be clear on what you want first while recording your Skype calls. The reason for this is because there are numerous tools that are developed for Windows and each tool has its own things to offer. Let’s dive into the Skye call recorders and learn more. Note that, we are highlighting on those that are developed for Windows PC.

3 Must-Have Awesome Skype Call Recorders for Windows

  1. TalkHelper Call Recorder for Skype

If you are a Window’s PC user, TalkHelper is your Skype call recorder. This Skype call recorder is simple and easy to use when compared to other call recorders available today.

Today, there are many versions of Skype and some of the available Skype call recorders are sometimes incompatible with the new versions and in fact, some are unable to work well with obsolete Skype plugins. This makes TalkHelper Call Recorder the best available for all the available Skype versions.

This Skype call recorder is incredible in that it automates the recording of ay Skype conference. You just have to ensure its running and all your conversation via Skype will be detected and recording will be initiated immediately. Also, it helps to record high-quality Skype video and watching the recorded video becomes more interesting and fun.

After you record your Skype video conversation, it is stored in AVI files and you can play the recorded video anytime you wish on your Windows PC.

Skype audio calls are saved in an MP3 format which can be played in many gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets, and Laptops.

Skype Call Recorders

If you are not sure how to work with this software, you can also learn how to record skype calls on windows from various online tutorials. You can also download the TalkHelper Call recorder for free on the web.

2: Pamela for Skype

Pamela for Skype is another great Skype recorder that is created with the consideration of professional users in mind. This software allows users to record Skype conversations or podcasts on Windows PC. This software is loved by man users since it provides a lot of opportunities to its users. Pamela for Skype offers its users with a free Skype recording which means that you can use it to record any of your conversation at no cost.

Skype Call Recorders

Another incredible highlight of this software is that it records Skype calls automatically thus there is no much of set up when it comes to recording your Skype video calls. Another good thing about Pamela for Skype is that it sends an auto cat reply when a user is not in a position to reply to a call or a message.

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You can also let the person calling you to leave a voice message on Skype and Pamela for Skype will store the message left so that you can retrieve it when you are done. You can also download Pamela for Skype for free online.

This software allows customization of the message left by the person calling you to what you want them to get and this is why Pamela is the most popularly used software for recording Skype conversations.

3: iFree Skype call recorder

iFree Skype call record is also another tool that you can use to record your Skype calls on Windows. This tool works a bit differently from other Skype recording software on Windows in that it is very effective for users who are particular when it comes to their sound record liking.

Another thing that makes it a major preference by many users is that you can get it for free and it does not come with any limitations.

However, this tool is not helpful when it comes to the recording of Skype video chats and it might not help like other software when you need to retrieve a certain video chat you had previously.

Also, it does not provide great quality of the recorded Skype conversation, especially when in a noisy environment. Nevertheless, iFree Skype call allows users to select their favorite audio output format. If you use the mono or stereo output, you are assured of great quality output.

This tool has some outstanding characteristics in that it provides quality recording which can be stored and retrieved easily. Remember the reason why we record these Skype conversations is to get something that is of great quality and something which can be stored for future use.

This software is also available for download online. You can find general information about how this tool works online.


The list is not comprehensive as there are other numerous Skype Call recorders available for Windows, but the list consists of the top rated tools.

Subba Reddy

Subba Reddy

Hi, I am Subba Reddy, Hyderabad friends call me subbu and my Ongole Friends call me Reddy, and I own jayshable dot com. I write about Blogging, SEO, Social Media, Make Money Online, WordPress, Web Hosting and many more.
Subba Reddy

Hi, I am Subba Reddy, Hyderabad friends call me subbu and my Ongole Friends call me Reddy, and I own jayshable dot com. I write about Blogging, SEO, Social Media, Make Money Online, WordPress, Web Hosting and many more.

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