How To Promote Your Android App /Game – 7 Awesome Tips

Best Ways to Promote your Android App or Game

Android app Marketing Strategy

Think that an Android app can get downloaded million times by people worldwide immediately after it’s release? Think twice! Promoting your Android app is like promoting your business, website or a notion. For your amazing latest mobile app to be downloaded, a solid marketing plan is required to promote it for people to download it. It is worth noting that promoting your Android app is no different with developing it. If you fail to take it to the market for people to know about your app/game, it won’t be downloaded or played.

The web has a wide range of avenues to promote your new Android app but most developers seem to be concentrating and directing all their effort and funds on developing their app which eats up the entire budget reserved for marketing. According to statistics by StatCounter, Android hit 40.11% of the market share worldwide as from Feb 2017 to Feb 2018.

This is the exact reason that has led me to gather 10 tried, tested and proven ways to help you in promoting your app effectively to enable it to be downloaded by millions of people and also to better rank your App. I must let you know that the tips below will only cost you nothing but your time. If done correctly, you will experience an increase in the number of downloads than never before.

Without much ado, let’s get started.

Pro Tips for Developers to promote Android app for free:

  1. Create a website for your Android app

 As an App developer or vendor, you must create a showy website that is exceptional, enlightening and takes few minutes for visitors to understand the content in it. If you are wondering where you can get money to host your website, don’t worry, you can get a free hosting at Blogger, Tumblr, and WordPress. You can then share links to your Android app to your audience for them to know more about your App/game. Here, you can make an awesome description of your App that will beat the description at the app store pages. Remember, you should get creative with your website.

Your website should have the following:

  • Name of the App/game and eye catchy icons
  • Operating systems that can support your app such as Android, iOS, and Windows
  • CTA(Call-to-Action
  • A short video animation for promotion
  • Customer reviews
  • Sharable social buttons and links such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Tweeter.
  • Lastly, ensure your website is mobile optimized and always keep updating it with new updates.

Once you are done, always ensure to include your website URL in your email signatures and all other promotional resources.

  1. Create a likable blog

After designing your website, you head to another step to create a blog. Your blog will help in posting latest news and information about your Android app. Also, you can use your blog to enlighten your audience about the mobile app industry. Use your social networks to bring in more traffic and ensure to incorporate your blog posts in your email signatures as this will make the people you are in contact know about your mobile app.

Remember, you should be creative in what you post and share since this will make more people want to share your posts which will, in the long run, direct people to your app/game. Share your content as much as you can so that it reaches a greater audience.

  1. Include your Android app on your blog

You have included your app on your website, right? Remember to also, include it in your daily scheduled posts. This is another incredible way of marketing your app you should not overlook. Be creative and craft an engaging blog post concerning your app or insert a CTA (Call-to-Action) at the summary of your blog post that tells your audience to visit your website and download your app.

If you decide to write a blog post solely about your app, let your audience get complete information about it and let them know why they should download or play your game. Insert links to your app, eye-catching screenshots, and some short videos.

  1. Remember to put SEO in mind here

I know you know more about App Store Optimization, but here, I am talking about Search Engine Optimization. Here, it’s all about what users can see popping up in the first pages of Google when they type a query related to your app. You must ensure your app appears on the top pages and you are sure your game is visible to a greater audience. How do you achieve this? Do a thorough keyword research to identify the best-targeted keywords for search engine ranking. Do an analysis of the keywords related to your game that are currently ranking and ensure to create authoritative links to boost rankings. Too boost your app rankings, use some online tools such as MobileDevHQ and SearchMan for your keyword research.

  1. Be active on social media.

Having a full social media presence is vital as it will enable you to reach to a greater audience and get prospects. Be informative and helpful always and show a sense of appreciation to people who share your posts since this will make people want to follow you.

  • Use Twitter

Twitter is free to tweet, follow people and Retweet their tweets. Use it well to get a direct connection to users in your target industry. Create a Twitter account solely for your app, find the influential people in your target industry and socialize with them.

When contacting users who manage app review sites, make sure you send them brief-and-to-the-point tweets since they are usually overwhelmed with dozens of messages from other app developers. This can be a good way for them to notice your tweet. Retweet their tweets, follow them, and like what they tweet.

  • Make friendship on Facebook

Tell your friends about your app on Facebook, post your app on your timeline, post on their timeline. Include your app video on your Facebook posts always. Facebook is a great platform to spread your message. Ask your friends, family, and colleagues to share your posts about your app and this will help those in your friend’s connection to know more about your app.

  • Use Pinterest

Pinterest_app_pins - Android App

Create a Pinterest account for your Android app and pin your images and videos of your app on your board and on other’s boards. Ensure to allow other people in your industry to pin your app on their board and return the favor too.  Currently, Pinterest allows people to download iOS apps directly from their site which is known as App Pins. Here you can put images of your app and where it says “Pin it” a blue “Install” button which helps for app installation.

  1. Upload to other App Stores

Apart from Google Play and App Store, there are other alternative app stores out there where you can submit your app. A study has shown that submitting your app to the less-known stores can boost the chances of getting up to 200% downloads more than when you submit to Google Play.

Below are some of the alternative app stores apart from Google Play and App Store

  1. Get your Android app endorsed by influencers and celebrities.  

The most popular games that have received great downloads are endorsed by social media influencers and celebrity influencers.  Influencers and celebrities are famous individuals who have the ability to entice their followers to buy a particular product. You can find influencers on various platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Ask influencers that have a following which is interested in your app to share your app and be prepared to cough out some money since most of the influencers available will request you to pay them for their endorsements.

Also, if you have a connection in the mobile app industry, you can reach out for them and ask them to promote your app through their social networks so that to attract more audience to your app.

Final Thoughts

You can find other alternative ways to boost your app promotion, however, the list above when done accordingly can make your app receive more downloads within a short period of time.

Like any other undertaking, they say, “aim for the sky and land on the moon” for your app marketing, ensure to see the sky as your limit. Here, not forgetting to ensure quality is observed, quantity should not be your target. Make sure to be keen on every stage as it was during your initial app development stage.

Keep your target audience in mind as this will help you to tailor your advertisements appropriately.  I should not forget to stress it that, content is king and so is the design of your app. A great game that users will love and play will give you value for your money. App Store Optimization and Search Engine Optimization strategies should come handy too.

What is your preferred Android app/game weapon?

Boniface Kisina

Boniface Kisina is a freelance writer and a blogger for hire. He loves helping businesses increase their visibility online and conversion through excellent, engaging and Search Engine Optimized content.

Boniface Kisina is a freelance writer and a blogger for hire. He loves helping businesses increase their visibility online and conversion through excellent, engaging and Search Engine Optimized content.

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