How Pharmaceutical Companies Are Evolving Their Marketing Techniques


Pharmaceutical Companies Tap Into Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital marketing has gone mainstream across various industries as companies are searching for a more direct, cost-effective way of reaching out to tech-savvy customers.

More individuals are now getting their health and medical information online which shows the potential for pharma companies to optimize the potential of digital marketing in spreading brand awareness.

Tapping into Digital Marketing

The pharmaceutical industry has used liaisons and other channels to connect with the medical community and even directly to consumers.

Business research firm Cutting Edge Information said that apart from marketing liaisons, the industry has started to grow their digital presence by utilizing online strategies to mainstream their brand and educate medical companies as well as target patients or clients.

An expansion of these marketing strategies was noted in a study which states that companies are now using both digital marketing and direct-to-consumer mechanisms to disseminate information and educate target customer groups.

For these online awareness activities, companies “utilize websites, social media platforms, and also emphasize mobile device use.”

When digital marketing was at the earliest stages of application, the industry had “initial misgivings” about using the platform for disseminating information.

Now, it is not unusual for pharma companies to have their own websites and to maintain an active social media presence on Facebook and other social media sites. They have also expanded their mechanism to include paid search advertising and advertisements.

Developing Expertise

Pharmaceutical marketers have also become more tech-savvy in adopting new methodologies to bring brand awareness forward and to expand their customer reach.

Going digital meant also expanding the marketing capacity of their team by including medical sales training and also digital marketing capabilities as essential skills. Medical sales know-how is important with the increasing number of new technologies changing the world of medicine and medical treatment.

There are several challenges and opportunities for the new batch of pharmaceutical digital marketers today. First, marketers are also adopting new metrics to measure customer or client response and engagement with the increasing use of digital marketing.

But one of the most pressing hurdles to full digitalization is the traditional underfunding of pharma companies in digital marketing campaigns. In fact, marketers only spent around $1.4 billion on digital ads, on average. This is a low figure compared to other industries who are spending a lot in their digital campaigns.

Tapping into Real Stories

Pharmaceutical companies are tapping into different marketing platforms and narratives to showcase their products. Some of the big companies use emotional storytelling to connect with consumers.

From mini-documentaries of people with real conditions to fictional narratives reflecting everyday struggles, companies create advertisements that consumers can empathize with and also reflect brand messaging.

These stories are often packaged into viral-potential video ads that are posted online and on social media.

Consumer-Driven Marketing

Pharmaceutical industries continue to follow a consumer-driven marketing strategy but this time, the changing times caused marketers to expand their reach into digital platforms.

Traditional channels for brand messaging and campaigns include television, print media, radio and even billboards and mass mailings.

A chunk of campaign budget is still allocated to these types of media. However, while methodologies and spending have started to shift to digital promotion, the focus remains on the consumer of the product.

Thus, ads that are produced by many pharma companies are now geared toward creating an empathic link with consumers. The messaging is more relatable and personal.

Digital marketing continues to dominate despite the changing marketing landscape as more people use digital devices and new methods like live streaming become the norm.

With this in mind, digital marketing may be the biggest thing that the pharmaceutical industry has leveraged in order to establish a link with their target consumers.

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