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How to write a Html Program

The HTML Programs are used to design the webpages and they are opened in browser.But the browser doesn't Support to write the HTML programs directly.Due to this most of the HTML programs are created in windows default editor{Note Pad}. Every Html Program Starts with <html>…
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What Is HTML Programming.

HTML full form is Hypertext Mark up language     it is used to design the static webpages HTML is divided into 3 parts Header area:-Generally it contains the webpage heading titles etc. Body area:- It Contains the webpage information. Footer area:It contains the copy right…
what is wordpress

what is wordpress

WordPress is an open source application that originally creates blogs now it's that gone beyond it.using word press you can design from a simple blog to an advanced website, you can do so using using WordPress which is a cloud hosted server or you can…
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What Is web browser

The most important programme on your computer is the web browser,. First let we discuss what an web-browser is not.A web browser is different from windows and mac, which are Operating systems(OS) that allow you to manage files and programmes, and is different from the…

What is Bootstrap Webdesign

  Bootstrap is a front end frame work created by a developer and designer at twitter. front end refers to the client side of the website, that's the practical website displayed in the browser window.A frame work is a bunch of code written for you…
Web Design

what is webpage.

In Internet the entire websites are created using Several webpages.A web page is designed using the HTML program.Hence HTML is a web designing  application .HTML full form notation is Hyper Text Mark Up language The webpages are of two types. static web pages. Dynamic web…

Blue Ridge In Pune

Presenting Blue Ridge In Pune .Now weekends will be more than just weekends.A perfect choice for a second home which offers great returns on your investment,it has kayaking,a golf course and a cricket ground,among others.So choose Blue Ridge and transform your weekend home into an…

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