Be Naturally Colorful! Try Lip Tints for the Sultry Summer

“Sexy Summer Pouts are waiting for you”

With the arrival of searing summers, many things call for a shift. And, one of which is your makeup routine. Yes, the warm weather wants you to modify your beauty routine with transformation in the season. You can’t just rely on those old makeup tricks, as the scorching summer would not let your makeup stay at the place for longer. And, you would want those melting lipsticks, smudged eyeliners, and cracking cakes on faces?

Out of all, what splotches the most is those lip tints. So, all you need to avoid this is find top-notch lip tints that can stay in place for hours. Also, do not forget to follow what is trending out there! Worry not, we have an entire guide ready for you that will teach you the tricks and tips to pick the best lip tints this summer!

So, let’s take a look at how you can get that Sultry Summer pout that lasts for hours.

Lips tints are not just a practical thing for long wear, but also something natural looking for the summers. So, it makes a perfect pick for those hot summers, which can ruin the look in no time.


Let’s introduce our lovely ladies, who don’t know what Lip Tint is!

Lip tint is nothing but a cosmetic product, which is applied to the lips to color them. However, unlike those shiny lipsticks, it does not produce that shine and gloss.

Usually, the tint is applied to bare lips. And, then slowly after a second or two it start staining the skin. Also, you can even call it a Lip Stain, when buying it for yourself.

So, now you know that Lip Tint is something between the lipstick and the gloss, which colors your lips. It is lighter than lipstick but colors more than the gloss. Lip tints, in short, are something that you can wear almost every day!


Wondering what is it made up of? Well, there is not just color, but also those additional ingredients like conditioners, sunscreen, minty scent, so that you smell fresh, now and always. And, when your lips will remain protected under the sunscreen, you will hardly see them getting darker day by day.

Those conditioning ingredients even make your lips stay soft and smoother all day long.


Now, as you know that the tint lasts long, aren’t you curious to know what makes it stay there for hours?

Well, here is the secret!

You will see your lips showing color, even if the gloss is wiped off. That’s because your lips have been stained and not just colored from the top.

So, unlike those lip colors, lip tints do not go away so easily.

Isn’t that great?


You would make a superb decision, if you were thinking of replacing those old lip products with tints this summer.

Chances are that you will hardly get any time to apply your lip color repeatedly. So, tints allow you to spend time on some better activities of your life, be it work or college. Not just it stays there on the lips for long hours, but also makes your lips look attractive like never before.

  • Women often face problem, when their lipstick fades away sooner while liner stays there on the lips. But, when you have used tints, it will last as long as your liner does.
  • With tint, lesser is better! Yes, using more can ruin the look. Of course, some women prefer to wear a darker shade, but when using tints, take less amount of tint on the hand and apply it.


Well, they come in all the colors that you would probably want to buy. Yes, it comes in all those bright and beautiful colors including pink, magenta, red, orange, and light pink as well. So, you have a variety to pick from.

So, what do you think, aren’t tints a great option to get that sexy pout this summer? Of course, they are! So, why not try them and be ready to brighten up the lips instantly.

Let’s see how one should apply their favorite tint perfectly.


Hey ladies, we know that some of you have not used Lip tint yet. Those who have been using it for years might know that you have to be very careful when applying it for the very first time. You always have to take the right quantity of the tint for a perfect look. Not more, not less, only the perfect quantity of the lip tint would make your lips shine.

Worry not ladies, it is not a hard task. Almost everyone become a pro after a while. All you need to do is practice and keep on trying until you get that perfect color on your pout.

Why not look at the process that we have right here just for you?

This simple way is here to make your lip tinting process effortless like never before.

Take a look here!

Prep Your Lips, First

To start with, get a lip scrub, first. Find a lip scrub that suits your skin. After all, smooth lips are the key to the soft colored lips.

So, get started with removing that dead skin cells and making it plumper and softer. Besides that, your lips will also stain easier, which otherwise would have been a bit difficult.

In case, you forgot to buy one, you can simply make it by mixing a few ingredients at home. Take a bowl and mix honey, sugar, and olive or coconut oil properly.

Now, Exfoliate Those Lovely Lips

Now take some scrub on your fingertips and scrub your lips using your fingers. Massage the lips gently in a circular motion for a while. For women with normal lips, you need to massage for a few seconds, but those having chapped ones will need to exfoliate them for at least two to three minutes for smoother lips.

Dry it with a Damp Towel

Now, as you have exfoliated those lips, pat them with a dry and clean towel. Just make sure that you soak the corner of the towel in the warm water before cleaning the lips.

Brush Off Your Lips

Yes, you read that right! A toothbrush is all you need to boost the circulation. It is a great tip for women who want plump and full lips.

Just take an old brush that is no more in use and start brushing your lips. Do it for a minute or two and feel the difference in the size of the lips. You will see that redness and plumpness, right after you have brushed the lips.

Pat Your Lips Dry Again

Now, take your towel again gently pat on the lips to soak the excess moisture. Now, you are all ready to apply the lip tint. ☺☺☺

Pick Your Favorite Lip Stain

Now is the time to take out your favorite lip tint. Your lip tint might come in a bottle, small tube, or in a jar. If yours is in a jar, you will surely need a brush to apply it in the right amount.

And, if you are going to do some touch up or layering, later on, do not forget to choose a lighter shade for getting a gorgeous lip color.

Begin Coloring the Lower Lip First!

Yes, if you want it right, begin coloring your lower lip first. Simply start from one corner to another and the drag the brush to apply the tint. Now, color the curve of the bottom lip. Now, fill the center part for completing the lower lip.

Spank your lips

Pull your lips together and then pop them up. You will see how color has transferred from one lip to another, without any effort. So, now your lower lip will lose the excess stain while coloring the upper one automatically.

Fill the Upper Lip

Now, you might see some color on the upper lip already, but that is not enough. You need to fill in the rest of the lip with stain properly.

And, Then Comes the Best Part

If your color does not last long, here is the trick you need to follow to keep your lip color on place for longer. Take a tissue or paper towel and fold it in half. Now, place it gently in between your lips and close them. Open your lips soothingly and take out the paper. Not just, it will help in giving the natural color to the lips, but also keeps it on place for longer.

So, if you are following this short and simple process, there are chances that you will get long lasting tinted lips. Not just this, you will have more time to flaunt those plump and smooth lips, without any worries.

We hope that this process will help you in coloring your lips in the best possible way.

But, the list does not end here! We have something more for you right here!


Seem that you are loving our lip-tinting guide!

So, why not check out these awesome tips and tricks that will get you those plump and smooth lips instantly.

Take a look!

  • If you are applying your favorite lip tint in public, do not just apply it directly to the lips. The tint can destroy the look, if not applied properly. So, test the color on the wrist first.
  • Always allow the lip stain to dry for a minute or two for the best look.
  • Want quicker flow of tint on the brush? Keep the bottle upside down for a few moments before using it.
  • For those who think that you can’t apply any other product, when using tint are absolutely wrong. You can always add the deepness and the shimmer by using lip liner and gloss, if you want.
  • Some women may have dry lips, which can appear your lips dry and drab. So, what you can do is apply some lip balm before applying your favorite tint color.
  • And, last but not the least. Lip stain or tint leave stain on the lips, which might take some time to remove the color. So, in that case, use makeup remover to get off the tint before you go to bed.

Applying tint to the lips is not difficult. But, you have to follow a procedure along with following some tried and tested tricks to make it happen gorgeously.

No doubt, you can make mistakes at first, but practicing regularly will take you to another level in coloring your stunning lips and making them soft and smooth in the end.

So, follow these steps and do not forget these tips when you will be tinting your lips next.

Now, you know how to stain those lips sexily for looking superb this summer, right?

It is the right time to get up and get one lip tint, in case you don’t have one. You can simply go online, order your favorite color, and compare the prices before buying.

So, you can save money and get a gorgeous color to color your lips this summer.


A beautiful smile is always incomplete without those beautiful lips, as only the rosy lips can beautify the look, without many efforts. So, how about using some natural ingredients to make rosy lip tint, which can help you in making your lips soft and smooth?

So, let’s take a look at DIY natural lip tint here!

  • Pomegranate Lip Tint

Not just it colors your lips, but also lightens those dark lips with regular use. So, for making this lip tint, you need to grind pomegranate seeds and extract the juice. Now, mix this juice with coconut oil and dab it on your lips for coloring them.

  • Berry Lip Tint

Strawberries and raspberries reduce the pigmentation on the lips. Not just, it is full of nutrients and minerals, but also nourishes the lips instantly. So, get five raspberries and strawberries and mash them. Now, mix it in a tablespoon of olive oil properly. Your berry lip tint is ready to use.

LIP TINTSSo, this is how you can make these two lip tints with natural ingredients at home. Not just these tints are easy to make, but also colors your lips instantly.

We hope that our entire lip tint guide will come in handy for you. And, as the summer is all set to hit, do not hesitate to try these tips and tricks to get your lips tinted today.

Wish You A Stylish Summer!

Subba Reddy

Subba Reddy

Hi, I am Subba Reddy, Hyderabad friends call me subbu and my Ongole Friends call me Reddy, and I own jayshable dot com. I write about Blogging, SEO, Social Media, Make Money Online, WordPress, Web Hosting and many more.
Subba Reddy

Hi, I am Subba Reddy, Hyderabad friends call me subbu and my Ongole Friends call me Reddy, and I own jayshable dot com. I write about Blogging, SEO, Social Media, Make Money Online, WordPress, Web Hosting and many more.

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