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How to really profit from your blog? My personal monetization and traffic strategies

Do you want to make your blog a career? Do you know you can really make money from your blog? No!!! I am not joking. You can seriously get a good income from your blog. Don’t be nervous thinking it is not worthy to put all your efforts in your blog. It can bring a smile on your face. Do you want a guide who will direct you about how to make a profit from your blog? Here I am for you people. In this post, I am going to share my personal strategies to drive massive traffic and profit from your blog. Give it a shot!

  • You can sell advertising space   

First, you have to develop your blog to get the traffic.  You should target specific audience so that you can write contents as per their need. Once you get enough traffic on your blog, you can sell space on your blog to the advertisers. If your audience is the one who can buy advertiser’s service or product, advertisers will pay you more. You have to design your blog so that you have the ad slots to publish the advertisements. Although it will need some efforts to place advertises on the blog and maintain them, but it is worthy as I am going to make you a good income.

  • Affiliate marketing


Selling ad slots to the advertisers need you to show traffic on your blog. It means it is a prerequisite to have large traffic on your blog to make the advertisers pay you. But if you have a small circle of the audience, affiliated marketing is best for you. It is much easier to manage affiliated marketing by investing less time and less effort. With the affiliate marketing, you can promote products of other people on your blog. Then you can share some percentage of profit they make from selling that product.

  • Be a paid writer

You may not become a good blogger, but starting a blog and writing good contents can make you a well-paid writer. If your blog is not making enough money, you can write up the contents for other bloggers. So, for getting a paid writer job your blog can be a resume or portfolio of your work. You can give other bloggers reference of your blog to show you can write up quality content for their blogs.

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  • Sell your own product

If you are good at writing your own eBooks or developing your own product, you can sell them directly on your blog. You can also make money by selling your product or service on your blog. Your blog will play the role of a shop for your product.

After creating a blog, first, try to increase traffic on your blog. This traffic will show you many options to earn more and more. Other than that as the post elaborated you can also choose to be a paid writer or be a seller of your own product or services. Make money by blogging smartly.

Preet Sandhu

Preet Sandhu is the founder of, a blog created to discuss some common problems regarding health, dating, etc. and, a reviews blog.

Preet Sandhu is the founder of, a blog created to discuss some common problems regarding health, dating, etc. and, a reviews blog.

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