Millennials: 5 Pointers for Using Native Media to Reach This Crowd


The buying power of the millennial generation is getting stronger. This means it is imperative that small and big companies do their best to reach them. The only hiccup to overcome is that millennials are very picky about ads and hate the type that interrupts their online experience, which is why many prefer native media or native ads. The following are five pointers that will help you use native ads to your advantage.

  1. Attach Values

One thing to remember about millennials is they like to support companies with similar values to their own. You can use this to your advantage depending on what kind of business you run. What you want to do is come up with content that relates to values that Millennials care about, and connect this back to your company. For example, content regarding conservation or eco-friendliness is popular among young crowds.

  1. Be a Friend

This generation wants the brands or companies they do business with to be friendly. What you want to do here is try to find a way to connect with millennials by creating native media that shows that your company understands them. For example, create a campaign that attempts to connect to this generation by asking them to share your business in an inventive way. A photographer can set up a free professional photo shoot that will naturally attract young people to take pictures and share the business.

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  1. An Experience

Millennials do not care too much about things but rather experiences. This is something you need to incorporate into your native ads to try to connect to millennials a little better. A good way to do this is by creating news content announcing that you are going to be supporting an event that millennials are interested in. Think about sponsoring festivals, concerts, or even farmer’s markets. Younger generations are going to start noticing that you are doing things they care about, which is going to attract them to your place of business.

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  1. Know Habits

Knowing and taking advantage of the experiences that millennials are involved in will definitely help create good native media, but you also have to know about some of the products that younger generations are into. For example, e cigs are becoming quite popular among millennials. You can use this to your advantage by creating content that connects with something related to e cigs like new e cigarette drip tips. What you should do is make sure that your content focuses on the subject and is helpful for the online user. Do not make your business the focal point if the content deals with something else. This group is smart, and they know when an article is not focused on what they are interested in.

  1. Educate

The new generation of people have been using online sources for years now and have become used to certain things such as information. Millennials love to learn but also want to make sure that whatever they read or watch is easy to understand. You want to come up with things that you can teach young people that might not be as popular. Make sure it relates to your business so that online users are able to connect the lesson they learned to your company. Be sure to make the content that you create scannable, easy to understand, and interesting. Think of articles that explain how to do something or articles that list solutions to a problem. Try to give solutions that are not commonly known because these will be valued.

These pointers should make it easier to reach millennials through native media or ads. Do not be afraid to ask for help from marketing firms or professionals who have been targeting millennials to increase the chances of success. You do not want your efforts to return void.

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