How to get rid of neck fat in the shortest time possible

Have you ever felt embarrassed about your double-chin, the stubborn excess fat making your neck like that of a turkey? Subcutaneous fat is often found in the jaw and around the neck, which causes the tissue to contract, thereby increases a double layer of the chin. Anyone can have double chin depending on their bone structure and the ratio of adipose accumulated in the neck. However, it is more common among obese people, especially the older ones.

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The reasons why most people are upset about neck fat

According to the present day people’s perception of beauty, the double-chin makes people feel that they are overweight, old and unattractive. This feeling will raise insecurity in their body image and might affect their self-esteem. There are cases where people have withdrawn from social interaction just because of this issue.

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What is responsible for the double chin?

To successfully get rid of neck fat, it is substantial to know more about the reasons why it happens.

1. Hereditary

If multiple members of your family have the double chin, you are more likely also to inherit it.

The accumulation of fat and water in the body is determined by the genes in the body, and these are the main factors that cause the double chin in humans.

Most people believe that having excessive fat as a family trait is something haunting you the whole life, which is in fact not entirely true. On the contrary, the elimination of neck fat is completely in your league with a rational approach combined with the balance between healthy diet and active lifestyle.

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2. Aging

The accumulation of adipose tissue increases together with the gradual loss of muscle as a result of the senescence. Once the muscles lose their strength, the skin loses its elasticity, which will lead to the formation of a double chin.

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3. Overweight

Obesity is considered to be the most common cause of double chin development in humans.

If you are overweight or have too much fat in your body then naturally you will have the double chin. People who are not obese may still develop neck fat if they do not exercise.

If obesity is the main reason for your double chin, you can get rid of neck fat by simply cutting down the intake calories and maintaining an active lifestyle.

How to get rid of neck fat

Specialists categorize methods to deal with excess neck fat into two major groups:

Cosmetic surgery

 Procedures such as liposuction or facial elevation will eliminate the subcutaneous fat efficiently and give you the best result in no time. However, this method is considered drastic, and you may have a risk of post-surgery complication. Furthermore, have an experienced cosmetic surgeon do your operation is not a thing anybody could afford.

Self-adjustment methods

There is a variety of technique and practice you can do yourself at home to improve your double-chin condition. Besides, it is much cheaper and safer than having an operation.

Healthy diet

Decrease your daily calories intake by 300-600 kcal/day depending on your body’s form. Your diet should focus more on vegetables and fruits; the recommended fruits are watermelon, pear, and other citrus fruit. Consider switching to whole grains, containing more fiber and other essential nutrients, instead of refined carbohydrate-based food. Last but not least, remember to be hydrated, drinking about 8-10 cups of water per day will facilitate the metabolism of fat and help to eliminate toxins from your body.

Having the correct posture

Improper adjustment of the jaw or sloping shoulder can cause the muscles in the jaw and neck area to become weak. The right position is sitting with a straight back, shoulders held back, and your chin kept up. Correctly sitting will keep the muscles stretching, thereby decrease the sagging of the double chin.

Being regularly active is a must

Muscular strengthening exercises are not only effective in reducing neck fat but also help middle-aged people stay lean.

Another type of exercises also slows the appearances of aging on the face is the facial and jaw practice. This method is handy in reducing the condition of the double-chin so how to get rid of neck fat with facial exercises: there are some simple exercises such as turning the neck clockwise and counterclockwise, opening the mouth for a few seconds then closing it. You will have to perform the exercises on the chin several times a day to achieve the best results possible.

Moreover, simply talking and laughing more are also very good ways to train your chin. When you talk or smile, your face muscles are regularly trained, this helps to reduce the unwanted fat.


how to get rid of neck fat

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Taking good care of your skin

Poor skin care will make the skin less elastic hence increase wrinkles and sagging on your skin. Therefore, the look of fat accumulated in your neck will be worse than ever. To prevent this from happening, a combination of sunscreen, moisturizer, and cream widely used in beauty spa would be the golden standard. However, massaging the neck and chin area with natural lotions (olive oils, barley germ oils) or fresh juice (watermelon juice) before sleeping is an encouraged method.


All self-adjustment method must be regularly practiced if you want to achieve the best result in “How to get rid of neck fat.” And remember that there are various ways possible for you to eliminate the double chin; all you need to do is find which one suits you.


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