How To Get Rid of Black Eyes Naturally

Black Eyes


In this article, we want to present to you some wonderful tips on how to get rid of black eyes. As you know, a beautiful face plays an important role in making the good impression on other people. With a black eye on your face, it will totally make you feel embarrassed and uncomfortable.

What is a black eye?

A black eye, in simpler terms, it is known as a bruise or a black area around your eye. Obviously, it will be easy to realize in daylight, hence you will seek some ways to cover it up right away. Black eyes not only cause the discomfort but also limit your vision. Other worse symptoms of black eyes may be a headache, hurt and swelling skin.

Certainly, an injury or a powerful impact on your face – like a punch, a hit – results in a black eye. If you notice, the black eye is getting lighter and lighter after a few days, because it will heal on its own. After a period of time, the bad symptoms will go away and bruise’s color also restores to the normal condition.

What causes a black eye?

Commonly, the reason for a black eye is the powerful impact on your head or face. As it comes to that negative impact, the consequence is the damage to small blood vessels under the skin, then lead to bleeding under those affected areas.

Afterward, it will appear the blood which flows all over the surrounding tissue. All of the above will trigger the bruising near your eye called a black eye. However, there are a lot of other different reasons, they can be a facial surgery, a jaw surgery or an injury of nose…  

Depending on how bad the black eyes are, they take several days or even up to more than two weeks to recover. If you want to get rid of black eyes as soon as possible, you had better try some of the following home remedies. They are able to aid you in relieving the awful color of your skin and easing the pain as well.

Here are the top amazing home remedies to remove black eyes that are simple for you to follow at home and make this problem to be disappeared faster:

Cold Therapy

When you mention the list of home remedies for black eyes, you cannot forget cold therapy. Because the ice is always available in every kitchen, so you can take some ice cubes and prepare an ice pack for black eyes.

With the cold temperature, the injured blood vessels and capillaries are likely to become tighter and narrower, lead to the interruption of bleeding. Besides, cold therapy helps you ease the pain, reduce the swelling and deal with bad symptoms.

How to apply Cold Therapy:

  • Take some ice cubes and prepare an ice pack
  • Place this ice pack on the black eyes for 15 minutes
  • Afterward, remove the ice pack and relax for half an hour
  • Keep doing the ice pack for 3 more times
  • Repeat this home remedy for 2 – 3 days

It is noted that ice cubes should not be placed directly on your affected skin.

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Cucumber is a popular home remedy for black eyes, it will not let you down when using it to deal with black eyes. Thanks to the great sources of oxidants in cucumber, they have excellent effects on the vascular system and healing process. Otherwise, cucumber is loaded with vitamin K that boosts the circulation of blood and treats the inflammation.

How to apply Cucumber to black eyes

  • Get some slices of cucumber and put them in the fridge
  • Put a slice of cucumber on the affected skin for 15 minutes
  • Change it for the new one when it becomes warmer

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Aloe Vera

The next useful home remedy we want to show you is aloe vera. The result of this solutions is slower than other ones, thus the black eyes will be healed little by little.

But its benefits is undeniable, aloe vera has amazing impact on decreasing the swelling immediately. Besides, it aids you in taking good care of your eyes and skin. It is advised that you had better place two fresh slices of aloe vera on your eyes before you go to bed.

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Pineapple or Papaya

Both of pineapple and papaya are natural fruits which help you treat black eyes effectively. They are packed with vitamin C that improves the immune system and promotes the recovery.

Moreover, with the essential enzymes found in pineapple and papaya, they can relax your skin and heal it faster. To follow this remedy, you may consume their juices or crush them then put on your painful area.


Potato is one of the most wonderful home remedies on how to get rid of black eyes. Potato has plenty of benefits to your eye care such as it heals the skin naturally, fades the blackening area and relieves the pain as well as the swelling.

The usage of this way is really easy, peel a fresh potato and cut into some slices. Then place a slice or more than that on your whole face, especially the affected skin. Afterward, you will realize the great improvement, repeat this home remedy until the black eyes go away.

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