How SEO is Helping the David’s and Goliath’s of Online Business

Search engine optimization is never going away. While social media gets a lot of attention from the advertising press, the search engines still entertain millions of searches every day. Websites listed at the top of the search engine results get the most traffic.

More traffic boosts the chances of greater sales, which is why commercial enterprises consistently put effort into SEO work.

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The David and Goliath SEO Theory

Whether a company is a small business or one with significant industry presence and assets, the company must put resources into SEO work. Whether a business fits the description of David or Goliath matters not. What matters is effective search engine optimization must be done.

Managers should never look at putting money out for SEO work to be an expense. Spending money to build up traffic to a website is done with the intention of making more money.

One example could be Halocigs, a vaping company looking to provide premium E-cig juice.

Boosted sales of starter kits would pay for the advertising costs and, hopefully, generate profits as well. Obviously, this concept of advertising expenses lead to returns on investments isn’t limited to the vaping world. Basic SEO investment economics applies to all facets of online marketing.

Another strong example of SEO success would be Mouseflow, a tech company that uses an online customer tracking heat map software that facilitates a clear analyzation of a user’s online experience. The Mouseflow homepage has strong on-page optimization, with a clear and relevant H1 tag along with an effective call to action.

The page is full of relevant keywords which equate to higher SERP ratings. This provides an insightful framework that many other websites can follow in order to construct a SEO friendly website.

SEO Must Be Part of the Marketing Mix

SEO does need to be a major component of any marketing plan. Even companies heavily invested in offline and print marketing must look at SEO. After all, millions of people turn to the search engines when seeking out a product or service. All business, Davids and Goliaths, should direct resources towards SEO strategies.

Doing so brings about many benefits and few drawbacks. What possible drawbacks could there be to being well-positioned in the top search engines?

Yes, a good position in the search engine can bring a little fame to a smaller company. As more people become familiar with its name, a small business gains greater branding exposure. Familiarity has its rewards since customers are more inclined to patronize a known and branded company.

Larger enterprises should never slow down attempts at gaining increased branding and publicity. In truth, businesses that cease expanding their presence in the market could doom themselves to losing market share.

Never Too Costly

Hiring the services of a professional search engine optimization company won’t come free. The assumption that search engine optimization services are automatically expensive would not be a correct one. SEO firms, like all other businesses, realize good deals and discounts attract customers.

Competitive pricing helps SEO firms stay relevant in the market. As a result, the ability to access a good deal of SEO work is possible. A little comparison shopping may be necessary, but this is always the case when trying to find a top service provider.

Quality positively plays a role when performing comparison shopping. An inexpensive search engine optimization firm with poor consumer reviews is no bargain. Paying extra for an established company that boasts a long history of effective results is probably worth the money.

Follow a simple rule. Look for a deal, but look for quality as well. The latter may be even more important.

Social Media and SEO Work Together

Social media marketing and search engine optimization are distinct processes, but some overlap exists between the two. Since the various social media platforms maintain a presence on the internet, anything posted or shared on social media could be indexed. This means people searching through Google and Bing may come across that social media mention.

Additionally, social media posts connect to tags and description. Both factor into SEO rankings. Clients don’t really need to know how these things work, but SEO experts do.

Their knowledge can translate into the right social media/SEO marketing campaign. Both David and Goliath businesses need to get a strong SEO strategy moving. Finding the best firm capable of handling all necessary tasks should become a top priority.

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