Have control and learn the hacks of Freelancing.

Who is a Freelancer and hacks of Freelancing

First of all who is a freelancer? Freelancer is a person who does not work under anyone for long time or we can say a person who is associated with anyone on the basis of contract of long term, A freelancer is a men of its wish and he can work as long as he wants and with as many people as he wants, freelancer sets its own limits. But, A freelancer also should have some basic qualities right?


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There are many writers in the world but why only some are famous? What is the deal with others? Does’t they write?

The deal with famous writers is nothing, they just know who to put a perfect word in a sentence and who to put that perfect sentence in the paragraph and how to turn that paragraph into a page and that page in a novel.

The deal is tougher than it looks. A freelancer is a writer who is also passionate about something and the passion is writing but picking up a particular genre is very important for any writer. And being stick to it is also important for the writer.

So below I’m going to guide you towards different genre which would be the hacks of Freelancing.

1: Blogging

Though there are a lot of bloggers out there, all work hard for their blog and everyone wish that the blog gets recognized somehow! But, it also depends upon the writer the blogger appoints, for these jobs blogger appoints a freelancer on a temporary contract.

Freelancer is tested with its skills and the ability to write the article. It is a good exposure for knowledge too as blogging also consist many genres itself.

2: Content Writing

In this form of writing, picking up a genre is really important in order to provide the best quality work to the client.

And a freelancing is not a job for fun, with fun, there should be focus too. And with focus, there should be quality too. So in Content writing, choosing a particular genre is important.

Social Media Marketing

There are many online sites which need a freelancer to beautify their sites and the job is done by a freelancer, there is a lot of opportunity in this, as it is a very vast field and also a deep subject to in.

Freelancing needs to increase the popularity of the article and the site by engaging with the minds of readers.

SEO (Search engine optimization)

Here, a freelancer is hired on the basis of skills, as it deals with major website traffic and increasing it, and there come many names like Yahoo, Bing, Google and many other sites which engages with the major amount of traffic.

So these basic things are the life hacks for any freelancer and it is true that work is a workshop. So do it that way because this is the only thing for a freelancer to depend upon.


kaushal Hingu

I'm 19 years old blogger and content writer, want to be an author and a philosopher

I'm 19 years old blogger and content writer, want to be an author and a philosopher

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