How Great Articles Can Improve Your Affiliate Sales


One of the effective ways to increase affiliate sales is by writing informative articles for your target audiences. The affiliate sales will certainly increase provided you publish quality articles and link them to your affiliate site and merchant site.

There are a few important things you should know how great articles can help boost your affiliate sales and website traffic. When I say affiliate site, it doesn’t mean a blog or website that is completely dedicated to promoting products. It could be your own site, which utilizes the affiliate strategy to generate more revenue.

Below are some of the tips you need to remember while submitting articles to other publications.

  1. Do not forget your merchant website

The very thing you need to understand is that your merchant’s website is what you are promoting – Not yours. This is because you are selling and promoting his/her products and services. To convert potential customers into prospective ones, seller’s website is always better than your landing page. So, you should focus on linking out to your merchant’s website and thus showcase attractively the benefits of the seller’s products and services in the post.

  1. A good keyword research

When it comes publishing great articles, keyword research is the ultimate one in the to-do list. Your targeted customers will stumble upon your article only if you inserted the right keywords. So, you need to do a better research on keywords that your customers often use to search a particular product or service online.

For example, if you want to promote your merchant’s affiliate management program or even affiliate tracking software, write articles that are related to those keywords and insert them within the article.

  1. Informative & persuasive articles

Whatever articles you write and publish, they not need to be informative but also persuasive. No one likes to read a boring article. In fact, you will be able to generate zero sales if your articles are too boring to read. For this, you certainly need to a good research on a topic and maintaining the style of writing so that your customers don’t lose their interest.

  1. Design your resource box

Of course, we all write articles to promote our businesses and increase targeted traffic to our website so that we can sell our products. But, in this procedure, we are missing one quintessential thing – Resource box.  Never ever make your article as a promotional one by promoting it in the main body of the article. Now, this is where the concept of resource box comes into the picture.

One of the crucial points you need to know before designing a resource box for your article is that you should make sure that your resource box links to your homepage. This is essential since building backlinks are one of the main reasons for doing content marketing.

Writing articles is one thing you should really consider if you want to make some serious money and promote your business. This will definitely boost your affiliate sales.

Mohd Sohel Ather

This Article is written by Sohel Ather, He is software engineer by profession and a content writer by passion, Technical writings, blogging etc are stuff that he do as hobby. and loves to work on Guest posting, SEO, CRO, Growth Hacking and Online Marketing Strategies. You can follow him on LinkedIn.

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