Do the paid campaigns help the advertisers more than the organic SEO?

The internet has opened up new doors of opportunity for businesses. With the online industry being at its best form today, almost every business house aspires to adapt the changing and evolving technology and is fast going online.

The advent of Search Engine Optimization has further helped companies to progress and prosper and reach out to wider audiences, thus expanding their businesses.

Good SEO strategies have given wings to the commercial success stories of many renowned companies. Start-up firms are the ones who benefit most by engaging in substantially sound SEO activities.

With more and more people fast going online for even nominal day to day activities like ordering food, buying groceries, paying bills and searching for household help, it has compelled company bigwigs to realize that in order to sustain in the current competitive market and to be able to make it big in the prospective market of tomorrow, one simply has to move beyond the brick and mortar.

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Being online is the new trend and it is definitely here to stay and grow with time.Almost every company, be it big or small, today understands the importance of a good website. This is mainly because the website is the first stepping stone for creating an online presence of the business.

Thus, most companies take the help of SEO service providers to have a well designed and developed and most importantly, an effective website.

However, having just a mere website is no longer enough. Gone are the days, when having your website listed online was itself a big deal that attracted the attention of people. Websites now are a necessity rather than a luxury. It needs to be technically advanced, SEO savvy and most importantly, appealing to the audiences.

The website should promote the company, its services, its products and the advantages it offers over the competitors. Only then are viewers likely to visit the webpage, go through the content, avail the services or products and are likely to return back in future. Creating such a website requires the sheer craftsmanship and acute eye of a good SEO company.

Organizations are no longer reluctant to spend lavish amounts of time and money in planning effective marketing techniques and strategies that are likely to help them reap maximum returns online. This is where Organic SEO can help them change the market game. In fact, with time Organic SEO has gained importance like never before and this trend is expected to remain the same for the times to come.

What is Organic SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This basically refers to the placement of company websites in the result pages of popular search engines. This is done to bring the business to the forefront so as to catch the eye of the audiences online.

When a person searches for related queries or services, the result pages are likely to pop up with a list of suitable websites with related content.

The higher the ranking in these websites, the more likely is the business house to get prospective visitors to its websites.

It is anticipated that number of people are likely to visit the websites at the top of the list of results shown, rather than browsing down to the middle or bottom of the list. The main target is to help the company enjoy more traffic on its websites.

Organic SEO technically stands for Organic Search Engine Optimization. This refers to the various methods used to obtain a higher ranking in popular search engine result pages like that of Google. These procedures are usually legal and acceptable by the algorithms of the search engine.

Websites that follow organic SEO are expected to grow with time and also are noted to be appealing to most of the online audiences. Google has its own set of rules and algorithms, based on which it allows websites with suitable and appropriate content to get ranked in its search result pages. Some popular methods include,

  • Keyword boosting
  • Backlinking
  • Content quality
  • White hat SEO
  • Tag attributions

Organic SEO helps ease the trust-building process between a company and its audiences online. The purpose is also to make the entire SEO procedure cost-effective and achieve long-term goals. Though some companies may employ Black Hat SEO techniques like spamming and keyword stuffing, and may also achieve temporary success, the company may face repercussions in future.

In fact, shortcuts in SEO activities are strongly discouraged because sooner or later the search engine will be able to track these illegal actions taken against the algorithm of Google. This can result in the website getting blacklisted and banned from the internet.

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Paid Campaigns Vs Organic SEO

The main motive of having a great website for companies is to enjoy higher web traffic which is likely to result in to more number of customers and thus, greater sales figures.

Now the dilemma that many companies face is while choosing between SEO or Paid advertisements. Which is more appropriate and effective? This is a vital question for them before they shell out their money.

With the Google algorithms getting stricter and more streamlined, there are many businesses in the market that opted out of SEO and moved towards pay-per-click or PPC advertising, but running a PPC campaign by own without prior knowledge is a big mistake.

PPC Campaign Management Service provider will guide you properly and make your money worthful. Which one to choose, solely depends on the company. This varies from one firm to another in terms of their budget, motive, and target audiences.

If a company seeks instant traffic boom and is also willing to pay per click, then Paid ads might be the correct option. However, if one desires for long term results and also has a limited budget in mind, then it is better to opt for SEO. The only catch is that one needs to invest on time when it comes to SEO. But most of it is result oriented and usually quite cost-effective.

Both the options have their own sets of pros and cons. The results of PPC are found to be more quick and effective, though a lot costlier, whereas, the results of SEO are far more sustainable and cost-effective.

With competition getting stiffer in the current market, it is very crucial to consider all avenues and take the right decision having thought and planned well.

The appropriate choice for promotional measures should also be made keeping the industry and the level of competition in that sector in consideration. If done correctly, both can help the company gain popularity and create brand awareness online.

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