Digital Marketing: 5 Tips to Promote Your Online Presence and Increase Traffic


Many companies spend a large amount of money and time to advertise and market their products. Unlike with the traditional offline marketing, digital marketing allows one to track their ads performance as often as needed.

A digital marketing strategy cannot be successful if it does not generate online traffic for the business. A business that enjoys more online traffic has a higher chance of selling their products because their presence is felt by more people.

A bigger online presence gives a business a competitive edge over its competitors. Discussed here are five digital marketing tips that can increase online traffic and growth for your business.

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Have a Goal

Setting a goal of what you want to achieve with digital marketing will enable you to focus on achieving it.

Whether it is getting ahead with competition, acquiring more customers or gaining more recognition, it is essential to keep that clear.

With a clear goal set, all the decisions being made will be geared towards achieving it which greatly boosts the chances of success.

Different businesses have different goals due to their nature. Specific training may be needed when the goals are being set. For example, a professional sales negotiation training will be essential in order to set appropriate goals when negotiating your products to produce sales.

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A Clear Call to Action

Let your clients and users know the next action you want them to take with a clear call to action. Whether it is requesting for a quote, buying or any taking any other action, let it be displayed clearly in the content for the users to choose.

A clear and compelling call to action button guides the user to the next step, moving them from an advertisement to your site and closer to the actual conversion point.

A proper call to action uses a language relevant to your products or services and has to be obvious to the user.

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Compelling and Engaging Content

Messaging is the core communication between your business and the digital platform users and potential customers.

The time and space available to capture the attention of users is limited. Therefore, messaging should be compelling and succinct with the attention of most users being lost within seconds. You can avoid losing the users’ attention by use of short phrases, evoking their emotions, highlighting your value proposition or using incentives for the users.

Make your copy engaging by developing it with the audience in mind. The business’s needs should overlap with the users’ needs as it enables you to come up with content that adds value to brands and customers.

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Imagery is Critical

Digital campaigns involve serving clients and users when they are consuming other contents in a different location online. It is, therefore, crucial to consider how your digital ad appears visually. A high-quality imagery that tells what the ad is promoting is an important feature of a successful digital marketing.

By failing to use imagery that is visually captivating, it is not easy to capture the user’s attention. Photos may be essential where applicable while bold, clean and compelling text and unique fonts may also be used. With the correct imagery, you can convey the story you want and give the users solid expectations of what you are offering.

Listen and Engage with Your Clients Online

Whether it is through social media, websites or any other digital platform, communication with users and clients play a major role in the success of a business. For instance, social media will help you to share and promote your website content. Identify and participate in all platforms where customers and prospects are.

Clients will provide essential information that you can use to improve your products and service delivery.


With digital marketing, a company is able to monitor their progress in advertising and make the needed improvements. A solid digital marketing plan may take time to create. However, it can help your business gain more clients and keep the existing ones returning.

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