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5 common Facebook marketing mistakes we need to fix

Facebook marketing mistakes Facebook marketing is a great way to give a boost to your business. Many people consider Facebook as their main source of business due to an immense social presence and most number of active users any specific time. Facebook, although look pretty…

10 best Facebook marketing strategies for businesses

Being the world most used social media platform, Facebook offers countless benefits for its users. According to its latest statistics, Facebook has over 2 billion active users which makes this platform a huge opportunity for businesses as well. It is without a doubt that Facebook…

List of Facebook Shortcut Keys

I would like to share my personal experience that made me create this blog post. When I was chatting with my friend from the USA in Facebook she often uses shortcut keys like ATM(At the Moment) BFN/B4N and much more I know about  ATM(Automated Teller…

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