Can two Adsense accounts have the same IP address?

Curious about how many AdSense accounts can be made from same IP address?

Here is the simple answers for that, but, first let’s know what AdSense is and why people use it. Google AdSense such program that is run by Google which allows publishers to us the Google Network for posting content  on sites to serve the automatic text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements, which are targeted to site content and audience. So, after knowing the basic Idea of what is AdSense, let’s know why it was created. To earn money! For enjoying the ultimate source of happiness. And with such service Google is trying to earn a bit too. So it sure is a win-win situation for both the party.


Yes, it is possible to have multiple AdSense account with the same IP address but what worries is the Google, if Google notices the change than it can be a problematic thing. Because, ultimately after creating accounts the details is going to Google only, and at that time just hope that Google does not notices anything unchanged. As per the rules and regulations in India, members of a family are very strongly connected and Google does not see any reason for 2 members of the same family to have separate AdSense accounts.

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So, yes, you can have it but according to India’s regulations on this Google does not see any reason for several members of family to have different accounts, Google have different Policies upon this.

Google do not have any limitary that how much accounts can be registered with the same IP address. Any amount of people can apply for AdSense account from the same IP address but Google does not allow when multiple accounts are applied by a same person.

In many companies, the same IP address is shared and let’s say that almost every company share the same IP address, which means that it would have access to many AdSense accounts, so in this situation many different people use their AdSense account and they can enjoy the freedom given by Google, but just one problem that no one can share multiple AdSense account with the same IP address and let me clarify again that no single person can do it.

India is very adjutant in such situation, after accepting what Google gives them, in India people us Dynamic IPs, which means every time you connect to the internet, you get the IP address which is used by someone else has used it in past.

But with profits, there come risk, which means, if Google would detect that a person is trying or already has attempted to apply for multiple Adsense account than it will just make their job easier and they will conclude that it is a fake account. So, yes we can create multiple account but only if the conditions are fulfilled given by Google.

Google AdSense has benefited many people and you can enjoy it too, but just remember that be in the limits of Google Policies.

kaushal Hingu

I'm 19 years old blogger and content writer, want to be an author and a philosopher

I'm 19 years old blogger and content writer, want to be an author and a philosopher

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