Blogger Vs WordPress Which One Is Better & Why?

Blogger Vs WordPress Which One to Use

Blogger and WordPress are the two best blogging platforms available for the beginners to run their blogs. There are huge numbers blogs and websites created in both of these platforms. But, still, the common question that arises among the people, especially among the beginners, is that, which blogging platform they should use for their blog, whether it is a blogger or WordPress.

There is also a long run debate running between Blogger Vs WordPress.

Undoubtedly we would recommend you the WordPress over the blogger because of numerous advantages, features and reliability that WordPress offer over the blogger. To know why WordPress is better than the blogger, one should know the differences between them.

Note: Here we are comparing Self-hosted WordPress and Blogger, Not WordPress.com and Blogger. If you don’t know about these two WordPress platforms, check out the differences between Self-hosted WordPress and WordPress.com.

Blogger Vs WordPress

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The Main Differences in Blogger Vs WordPress

WordPress is said to be the top content management system in the world and there is no doubt in that. Most of the bloggers opt for the WordPress for their blogs because of its ability in handling the security of the blog and due to its robustness.

Other major differences between WordPress and Blogger are as follows and you can go through them.

  1. Price Factor

Blogger is a free resource and one can launch their blogs freely i.e., one need to rent their website that is owned by blogger but for free. Here you just need to concentrate on the content and the rest will be handled by the team of Google. Whereas, WordPress is an open source and a self-hosted platform from which you need to purchase the hosting of your blogs.

  1. Control

In WordPress, you will have full control over your blogs and you have the power to manage them. You are solely responsible the maintenance of blogs in the WordPress.

You can fully control the blog in WordPress and you don’t have to depend on WordPress database or directory for downloading or uploading the contents.

If your blogs are hosted in the blogger, then you will not have control over them as they are fully controlled as well as maintained by the blogger itself. They also have the rights to delete the contents of your blog ant time without even intimating you.

  1. Plugins

Bloggers have the freedom to use the number of plugins that want in the WordPress whereas, in blogger, you will not find any plugins which is one of the major drawbacks. Plugins are necessary for blogs as they give great functionality to the blogs hosted on WordPress and many of them are free to use.

  1. Domain Name

One can use a sub-domain name in the blogger and it is free of cost. In blogger, one does not have to spend a single penny if you don’t need a custom domain.

Whereas in WordPress, you need to buy and register a domain name for a period of time and renew it after the time completes.

  1. Customization

One of the good things that one likes about the WordPress is that they have a huge number of beautiful themes starting from free to premium. Selecting a good theme for the blog will attract the users and their attention of reading your blog.

When it comes to blogger, there are limited numbers of themes in it with slight variations in them. You can either use them or end up with the nulled themes.

But there is an option for editing those themes or templates with limited advanced customization option and there is no FTP access in blogger.

  1. Storage Space

One needs to buy the hosting to host the sites or blogs in WordPress and the hosting fee includes both for the domain as well as for unlimited storage space. Whereas, in blogger, you get 1 GB of free space and additional storage comes with connecting to the Google+ account.

  1. Support

In WordPress platform, you will have personal assistance and support available from the hosting service provider 24×7 and they will help you in case if your site suddenly hacks or stops running and help you to get back very easily. In blogger, you have to go through the support forums for getting the assistance or help.

These are all the major differences between wordpress.org and a blogger platform. However, there are few things to be noted before you choose the best blogging platform for your blog.

  • If you want to run a free blog with limited control over it, it is better to choose blogger.com.
  • If you want to make money with your blog, WordPress would be the best platform for you as you will have full control over the site.
  • If you want a lot of flexibility for your blogs and if the ownership is important for you, you can definitely opt for the WordPress.

As if you are seen the differences and the things to be noted between blogger and the WordPress, it is up to you whether to choose Blogger or WordPress as a blogging platform for your blog.

But, we strongly recommend you the WordPress as you can do whatever you want with it for your blog. If you choose the WordPress as the blogging platform, you can definitely explore possibilities and opportunities with it.

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Divakara Ganesh is a Professional Blogger, SEO Expert, WordPress and Genesis Lover. Ganesh Focuses on Helping People to Build Better WebSites with WordPress.
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Divakara Ganesh is a Professional Blogger, SEO Expert, WordPress and Genesis Lover. Ganesh Focuses on Helping People to Build Better WebSites with WordPress.

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