Top 12 Best Clock Widget Apps For Our Android Phone

Widgets are the distinguishable feature of Android that enables you to access an application easily and directly. It allows you to operate an application without actually opening it. Clock widget Apps helps the user to view time, set multiple alarms and get information about the weather and the temperature anytime and anywhere.

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Clock Widget Apps For Android

If you are bored of the original android clock which is insipid and monotonous, you can try Clock Widget Apps for Android which are much attractive and have more features as compared to the traditional inbuilt clock widget. Check out this article for interesting clock widget with amazing features.

  1. mClock


mClock is a customizable clock widget in which you get various clock styles to choose from. You can set time in the best way that suits you that can be digital or others ways like text and words. This widget offers you various templates with different date formats and styles. It gives you the flexibility to use a widget that is simple yet colourful.

  1. Choronos

Choronus as a widget comes with a full package that has the utility of all the apps on a single platform. It is an amalgamation of apps like clock, temperature, weather, stocks, calendar and to-do list. It is an amazing widget which you should try once.

It is a solution to multiple problems at the same time. It is designed in such a way that the CPU doesn’t have to bear the burden of the individual tasks. Choronus can be downloaded from the Play Store for free and some features can be accessed by in-app purchases.

  1. Go Clock Widget

Go Clock Widget comes with nine unique themes supported by both analog and digital clocks. The widget is customizable to 4×1, 4×2 and 2×2 sizes as per the requirement of the user. The Go Clock Widget is supported by Go Launcher EX, so it must be installed. It is easily available on the Play Store and can be downloaded for free.

  1. Amazing Clock Widget

Clock Widget Apps

The Amazing Clock Widget for Android has an amazing look and it looks professional and easy to use the widget. It is different from other widgets as it consumes less battery and functions smoothly. This widget provides customization in the sizes of the clock, colour variants, wallpapers and even the overall look of the widget.

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  1. BobClock D3

Now we’ll talk about the BobClock D3 clock widget. It is a simple clock widget allowing you to operate easily with no such complications. It provides you with amazing and unique stylish looks. It has customization facility as other clocks like date changing, fonts, format and sizes.

If you want a simple widget but a stylish one, you can go for this one.

  1. Minimalistic Text

Minimalistic Text gives you the control to choose and set the display according to the need to the user. The display that can be made custom includes elements like date, time, battery life, weather forecast, etc.

This app supports 23 different languages making it operatable to a huge user base while offering a beautiful home screen on your Android phone.

  1. DashClock

DashClock Widget allows you to customize the widget like every other clock widget but it also provides with some additional features that if allowed as notification pop-up on the lock screen. These pop-ups include elements like weather forecast, appointments, Google notifications, missed call alerts and unread texts in addition to the alarm. It supports devices having Android version 4.2 or more.

  1. Digi Clock Widget


Digi Clock Widget for Android provides a great amount of customization for the widget for an amazing experience of the user. The user can choose from the different sizes that suit him. It also allows customizing the colour, effects and outlines which appeals the user. This allows you to preview your widget before actually setting it. The clock widget can be set up complimenting the homescreen wallpaper and to enhance the look and experience, Alarm clock icon is available on the homescreen.

  1. ClockQ

ClockQ is a widget offering versatile features of the clock as it can be used on lockscreen. It is a sophisticated widget that offers 26 fonts to choose from and 38 unique fonts on a premium subscription. It is one of the most easily operatable apps.

ClockQ can be downloaded from Play Store and the premium features can be unlocked by in-app purchases.

  1. Sense Flip Clock & Weather

The amazing Sense Flip Clock& Weather offers a unique feature apart from the customization available in all the apps. The app flips the homescreen with the change in the climate. It allows you to choose your location and you can easily get the information regarding the weather in the particular region.

  1. Round Clock Widget

If you are looking for a sober yet trendy clock widget, you can easily download Round Clock Wiget fom the Play Store. It was basically designd for Nexus and Galaxy phones. It enables you to choose from 12 different fonts in which there is no such complication of operation. It is a simple app that displays sophisticated and elegant clocks on the homescreen.

  1. World Clock and Widget

As the name suggests, the function of the World Clock Widget is to show the time in different time zones along with the same time zone. It uses a simple design for the display of the clock.

This app is specially designed for the people who have to make international calls so that do not land up calling at odd times.

These are some of the interesting Android widget apps that can make your Android device more interesting and effective and exciting to use. Choose what suits your taste and your requirement.

Subba Reddy

Subba Reddy

Hi, I am Subba Reddy, Hyderabad friends call me subbu and my Ongole Friends call me Reddy, and I own jayshable dot com. I write about Blogging, SEO, Social Media, Make Money Online, WordPress, Web Hosting and many more.
Subba Reddy

Hi, I am Subba Reddy, Hyderabad friends call me subbu and my Ongole Friends call me Reddy, and I own jayshable dot com. I write about Blogging, SEO, Social Media, Make Money Online, WordPress, Web Hosting and many more.

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