Best Apps to Watch Movies and TV shows in Android  for free

best apps to watch movies

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Best Apps to Watch Movies and TV shows

Hello, friends as all of you know that there is a huge number of apps on Android that allow you to stream movies and TV shows for free. Now you are confused that which app is best for you because there is a huge number of app and its difficult to choose among them. So, there is a list of some best apps to watch movies and TV shows for free of cost.


Filmon shows a huge range of channel around the world. It offers more than hundred of Free Channels and free live radio stream. The most interesting feature is that you can watch on-demand videos and movies with subtitles like Horror and Kung Fu movies and as well as the most impressive sports channel

However, FilmOn is a free service which contains ads and doesn’t have the same interface as Netflix or even Hulu, but the live TV streams work perfectly. Maybe you are surprised on what you found.

Hulu plus

Now on the second number We have Hulu. Hulu is the app that allows you to watch premium shows and movies on your Smartphone free of cost. It is a complete family companion because it shows current as well as classic shows. You just have to Download Hulu and choose the Hulu with a Live TV (Beta) plan.

If you want to Access the full Hulu you have to pay $7.99 per month with limited commercials and $11.99 without commercials. However, friends, there are lots of things in the free version too. If you have little patience then you can find some awesome shows for free.

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Crackle is created by Grouper but later it was bought by Sony. Like Netflix or Amazon, Crackle also has some selected original content.

The most famous contents of Crackle is comedies and Getting Coffees and much more like this. It updates TV shows and movies on a monthly interval. Because of the free version, it contains ads which will be shown while you are watching but in return, you get an exceptional collection of media.


If You are anime lover you should check this app Crunchyroll. It is Anime streaming app that is available through Google Play. It has a huge collection of the best Anime available for free. With over 5 million over download this app has nice ratings.

You just have to browse through your favorite shows and they will run with subtitles. The default language is English. You may have to watch some advertisements because it’s a free version. If you want to watch without Advertisement you have to but premium.


At last but not the least Showbox is one of the free movie apps. This app has so much to offer more than you imagine, you can easily stream movies and TV shows for free. This app is not available on Play store but you can directly download to its official site on your Device.

The best part of the app is you can download the movies offline and watch it whenever you want.

 So these are the Top App for watching movies and Live TV stream.

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