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7 Ways 3d printing can increase your productivity

3D printing technology

3D printing refers to techniques used in building three-dimensional objects through a machine i.e., 3D printer.

3d printing can increase your productivity

There are several methods in the manufacturing process but the basic is that it goes through a number of levels firstly for making a virtual design using either a 3D modeling software or CAD package such as AutoCAD then using an electron beam or laser to cut that design in shape either on metal powder or powder of some other material.

Lasers or electron beams glue them together to make a strong product for use. 3D printing is indeed a revolutionary invention and here are seven ways through which it can increase the productivity of any individual or even a whole industry.

  1. Lower cost of production

Having 3D printers in huge industries can decrease the cost of their goods they produce which in turn can lead to an increased demand for their products. 3D printers can reduce the price of products of industries like automobiles, medical, food etc which not only benefits the consumers but also companies because they have larger printers which decreases the effort and time it takes to make products.

It will reduce wastage of product by using material only needed for rapid prototyping or producing goods and this can also save resources and production cost of a company.

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  1. Better quality

3D printing: will improve the quality of products by deciding which material to use for a specific product. The computers can test variety of materials on the basis of their strength, rigidity or compressibility.

By knowing which material to use while creating a product, the companies are not only improving the quality of their work but also making it easier for a customer to decide which product to buy according to its characteristics and uses.

  1. Variety of Choices

3D printers

3D printers are versatile and capable of creating anything because of their simple and plain design technique give you a range of choices in selecting the material which you can use to make anything from pizzas in the food industry to entire metallic bodies for automobiles.

It can be employed for any purpose based on its role in an industry from printing 3D dresses in clothing sector to making hearing aids, prosthetic parts in medical industry it can do anything.

  1. Faster Service

3D printing technology came into the world when researchers were trying to figure out a way to formulate rapid prototyping. It all started when a researcher from the University of Rochester designed the first mathematical model and algorithm to describe 3D objects in space.

After that, Researchers from the University of Texas used this to make 3D objects. After advancing this technology it all begin with building rapid prototype of a product in industry. When they realized that the uses of this technique are infinite they started applying it for doing a variety of purposes.

  1. Reliability

3D Printing

3D printer

3D printing technology is advancing at a faster rate than in few years, it will turn the entire manufacturing as more reliable. The Goal Directed Design which is one of the advances in manufacturing will simplify 3D printing technology and also add portability to it.

In this approach, we create a program on a computer and on the basis of its algorithm the computer applies simulation of it that checks which material to use according to its properties like strength, weight or fluidity.

The next step is to find the material which is best for making a specific product plus also checking for all possibilities like what will happen if the product is under stress or load e.g., to make a pipe for water line, the system will first find out which material to use for composing it on the basis of its tensile strength and modulus of rigidity then it will run test on the same product applying a material in order to know under how much load the pipe will break.

  1. Reduced production time

Having 3D printers at industries will reduce the production time plus giving the company extra time to create and test new products. It can automate the design process by reducing time at different production stages. By making a prototype faster it will not only give the company a chance to test other prototypes and finding a better one but also achieve the goal of companies in shorter time.

  1. Freedom to create and print design

Most 3D printers are costly however if you are planning to buy one you have to first invest money in them but having a 3D printer at home will give the freedom to create anything. It will give you the opportunity to learn how to design various types of things and will also reduce the production time that goes into building things for your general use.

Hence, the above-given ways will surely convince you to buy 3D printers for your firm if you want to decrease the production time and cost plus these printers will improve the overall quality of your work by leading to an efficient production process and enhanced excellence that will be evident in your product for sure.

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