7 New Innovations Social Media Will Bring Us by 2020

Social Media

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Technology has revolutionized every aspect of western culture, from different industries to our very livelihood. The evolution is far from complete, as there are more innovations to come. Based on current trends and expert assessments of the next few years, consumers can discern what innovations social media will bring us by 2020.

Better Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing is the process of obtaining information from a large group of people.

It is useful because a lot of users have insight that CEOs might have overlooked. It also gives a voice to the everyday user and makes her feel important.

Some anticipate that social media will enhance this technology over the next few years. Users will be able to submit more thorough insight, including even designs.

Brand Research

Even with the Internet, it can be difficult for entrepreneurs to assess the state of their brand. Today, they can survey the chatter about their business and assess the state of their brand.

In a few short years, we can expect useful and convenient tools that will consolidate that information for them and provide an assessment. It will be sort of like how websites like Alexa can provide a website’s traffic information.


RFID tags are typically used in shipping. Manufacturers will scan a product and receive the relevant data in their transponders.

Some suggest that this sort of technology could be relevant to social media. Information could be sent and received with a code or when a device is within proximity. A bare-bones version of this is already available in some laptop models.

An issue that could arise would relate to hacking and privacy. One could suspect that legislation could deter this technology.

But encrypting the data so that social media users can protect their information and only send it when they want to could provide a reasonable solution.

Privacy Protection

With the threat of identity thieves, consumers are looking for more ways to protect their sensitive information.

Website owners will encrypt their data by upgrading from HTTP to HTTPS. Social media outlets are likely to implement similar a protective measure known as Data Loss Prevention (DLP). DLP systems are prevalent for businesses.

If an employee were to try to forward a sensitive email to somebody outside of the network, they would be denied permission. It is likely that social media will take similar precautions to protect users.

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Employee Recruiting

Typically in recruiting employees, some HR representatives will assess the candidate’s social media feed to get an idea of their character.

Technology could enhance their assessment. Social media tools could provide a picture of not only if a candidate has gone through proper pieces of training like ACLS certification for an EMT but it also allows you to see passions and interests. Employers will be able to find candidates using this sort of tool.

Better Mapping Technology

Your phone probably already has mapping technology, you can with the click of a button find the best restaurants in Boston or the most popular places to live in South Carolina.

But we can expect a few enhancements within the next few years, and social media is likely to implement it.

Newer phones are likely to come with magnetometers, which will be able to identify your precise location and tell you where to walk to meet friends.

Outlets such as Facebook are likely to use this technology in the Messenger app. If you are meeting a group of friends in an unfamiliar area, everybody in the chat could pinpoint their location and your phone would guide you directly to them.

Biometric Facial Recognition

Law enforcement entities already use biometric facial recognition to identify suspects. If it can get through privacy hurdles, this technology could emerge into social media.

The technology would scan the room and show the user everybody’s Facebook or Twitter profiles. The main issue with this would be privacy.

However, social media outlets could conceivably just create a setting that users could simply turn off.

It is very exciting to think about what technology will bring in coming years, especially in our social media interactions and relations with one another.

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