7 Business Tips for Law Firms in the Digital Age

law firms digital age

There is some overlap between being a charismatic salesman and being a lawyer. The lawyer has to sell their case to the jury or convince opposing attorneys of their claim. However, marketing their firm will be uncharted territory for many lawyers. There are a few suggestions that experienced business professionals have for lawyers who are in that situation.

Read Many Good Books

Just as the lawyer will become intellectually acquainted with her legal speciality, she should also become acquainted with the scholarship behind marketing. That is not to say that she should not hire outside consultants, because she should. But reading about marketing could save the firm a lot of money by preventing potential missteps.

Produce Long-Form Content

Many law firms will produce blog posts or videos that provide a basic overview of a range of issue. But with so much competition, law firms need to stand out. Long-form content could provide that edge. Long-form content is a deeper analysis of an issue, assessing relevant points and counterpoints that only somebody within your specialization would know.

Critics sometimes suggest that readers just do not have the attention span for long-form content. That is why content producers try to make their posts as welcoming as they can. Some will use a lot of subheaders, graphics, and bullet points so that the reader does not become overwhelmed.

Softer Objectives Of Social Media

Typically, businesses use social media to acquire new clients. But interestingly, some experts are finding that indirect methods are more successful. Rather than offering a free consultation, invite them to download a free e-book or attend an event. If people are engaging with a firm’s content, they will be more likely to use their services when they are required.

Account For Mobile Traffic

In this digital age, many people are spending more time browsing on their phone than on their laptop. Websites need to be optimized for mobile devices.

If a website is not functioning on a consumer’s mobile device or if she finds it difficult to navigate, she is likely to just go to another website.

Measure Your ROI

When an employer posts job listings on several different websites, she will want to know which of the websites is effective and which is not. So, there will be a form which asks candidates how they heard about the job opportunity. This allows the employer to assess which outlets are worth keeping.

This is known as Return On Investment (ROI), and the same principle is applied across the spectrum in advertising. Law firms should keep track of their ROI on different outlets so they can assess what the best use of their advertising budget is.

Work On Your SEO

Most of a firm’s traffic is going to come from search engines. If a user is looking for a Utah divorce lawyer, she will type a keyword into Google. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it represents how high on the search engine your child custody attorney services will be.

Similarly, if she is searching for content or blog posts about custody, she should be able to find your website by entering relevant keywords. Search engines such as Google have evolving SEO criteria that they do not publicize.

They have to be discerned by trends. Maximizing a firm’s SEO will require a lot of research and diligence. Some firms choose to outsource their marketing for this reason.

Answer Everybody On Social Media

Outlets such as Facebook actually rewards fan pages that answer private messages quickly and frequently. They display the frequency of responses.

Users want to know that their concerns are being addressed. So whether in private messages or in public comments, responses are important.

Marketing has taken a pretty significant turn during the digital era. There are a lot of nuances. But with research, effort and help from marketing consultants, your law firm will be a success.

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