5 Best Apps That Solve Math Problems

Best apps that solve Math problems

Hello Everyone how are you? Today we are going to learn about the Apps that solve our Math Problems


This app presents before you the solution to your math problem by a simple scanning method. What makes it better and easier to use is its feature which displays all the steps from beginning to the end of the solution rather than just showing the final answer.

Obviously, this app will have difficulties in understanding a picture if the handwriting is not very clear. So, this app will work best if the questions are in printed form or on the screen. Solutions will be displayed within no time and thus this app will be of great help to quickly solve your issues in Math.

The owners claim for this app to be the first ever camera calculator to exist. What is even more interesting about it is that this app not only solves the problem for you, but it also gives you an explanation to make you do it without anyone’s help.

apps that solve Math problems


This app covers more than 70 topics and is the only one that has such a huge collection of formulas and theorems. It is very popular among students.

The makers of this app have made sure that explanations of the theorems are as easy and simple as possible, keeping in mind that the children who are using this app are already confused which is the reason they are here.

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There are two versions of this app.

One is the normal one with the formulas and the theorems and the other one is the pro version which has tutorials, quizzes, and detailed explanations. Some of its interesting and helpful features are listed below:

  • Matrices solver
  • Graphics calculator-makes graphs from your equations so that you can comprehend them better.
  • Math glossary- helps you easily get to the topic you in search of.
  • A daily graph displays your progress from the results of the quizzes you take.   


This app again gives solved answers with all the possible steps enlisted that too with detailed explanations. What could be a better thing? This app is designed especially for college and university students. It covers a wide range of topics from integrals to derivatives. The user interface is very interactive.

The most wonderful thing about this app is that it is independent of an internet connection and works offline so you can use it anywhere, everywhere. Also, this app is available without any charges. Some of the features of this amazing app are listed below:

  • Creates its own math problems ranging from very easy to expert questions. You can select the difficulty level according to your understanding of the topic.
  • Plots graphs using equations.
  • Saves your work and redirects you to it when you revisit it.
  • Available in several languages
  • My script calculator

This app allows you to write your question using your hands. This device is compatible with Android devices. All you need to do is to write your math problem and this app will convert your writing into digits and letters and then process them.

The results are produced immediately. The fact that this app doesn’t require the use of keyboards makes the experience of using it very real. Even the editing part is done using hands only.

The features of this app are:

  • Customization- you can customize the result of your problem according to your need, for example, whether you need the answer in radians or degrees, till what decimal places should the answer be rounded off to, do you want automatically generated answers or you want to solve them manually.  
  • The option of sharing your results with other apps.
  • Stores history so that you can revisit it whenever you need.
  • Mathway

This one is probably the best ever math problem-solver app. This is similar to Photomath in that it lets you capture image of the problem from your book or copy and then gives you the solution with each and every step mentioned. A private tutor in the form of an app is just a matter of a click away now.

It covers all topics of Math from basic to calculus. The answers are for free but the step-by-step solutions costs around $20 per month. This app is for all high-school, college and university students. Some problems are more easily understood when they are represented graphically.

For this purpose, Mathway has a graph creator tool as well. It is available in multiple languages. This app will prove to be a life-saver for all those who are unable to get good grades in Math no matter how hard they try.


Julia Stiles

Julia Stiles is the author of this article. She loves to write on technical topics and provides best solutions for technical based issues in her blog posts. Students can Order Custom Assignment to her, because she is also an assignment writer.

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Julia Stiles is the author of this article. She loves to write on technical topics and provides best solutions for technical based issues in her blog posts. Students can Order Custom Assignment to her, because she is also an assignment writer.

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