4 Tips to Stay on Top of Your Marketing Efforts

Marketing efforts

One of the biggest challenges that companies face, large or small, is staying on top of their marketing efforts. Miss a major trend and your company may find itself missing out on a big business opportunity.

The five key areas of marketing that can make a major difference include marketing metrics, brand building, marketing excellence, collaborative marketing, and online marketing and social media.

Your marketing efforts should contain a robust mobile strategy. Visit any airport, retail outlet, or coffee shop and people all have one thing in common: they spend a great deal of time with a mobile device searching for products, information, and services.

People now spend 65 percent or more of their time on a mobile device. Mobile technology is one of the most disruptive mediums in history.

Here are 4 tips to stay on top of your marketing efforts.

1: Build a successful brand. Your brand will be everything from a color scheme to the company’s tagline. The brand name, messaging, support system, trademarks, and all relevant legalities need to be strong. Your brand is not so much how you think of yourself, but what other people think of you.

As such, an online platform is necessary in today’s world, since millions of people search for products, information, and services on their mobile devices. Amplify your content on venues like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram. Be consistent and make sure that your brand is recognizable on every platform that your company engages.

2: Leverage geolocation. People shop for products on the go. A geolocation strategy will deliver offers with perfect timing. Wherever people are shopping on their mobile devices, your company and website should be at the top of their search results.

Optimizing your website for search is crucial for success, whether your goal is a successful newsletter, registrations, eCommerce, or other purposes.

You can even add a location-specific landing page. This tactic works for everything from rental agencies to restaurant chains Make sure that relevant data fuels the optimization process.

3: Drive your marketing efforts through data. Mobile use tends to create data that a desktop, or laptop, may not. The reason being is that a mobile device is typically used by one person. Mobile analytics is an excellent method to track how many customer visit, how soon they leave, and how fast mobile web pages are loading. Mobile analytics can enable marketers to improve each customer’s experience.

4: Master your personal digital marketing dashboard. A dashboard is a convenient reporting platform that can impart relevant information about competitors, help cuts costs, vastly improve efficiency, and enable an acceptable marketing ROI.

An effective dashboard can help save marketers a huge amount of time. It allows you to analyze, report, and communicate marketing efforts to marketing teams, clients, and stakeholders. Automated reporting can be setup to report in an array of formats.

Stay on top of marketing trends. Google alerts is a popular method used by marketers. Marketing blogs provide an additional source for insights into what is happening all around the industry. Pay special attention to marketing experts, even economists,who publish blogs.

You can benefit from their knowledge. Attend webinars when possible. Specialized experts often attend these venues. Trade journals can provide an additional source of relevant industry information.

Know your competition, deliver what your customers expect, differentiate and give your customers a reason to keep coming back, stay on top of marketing efforts, continue to step up your game, and keep updating and refreshing your brand.

You can provide the best customer service by meeting customer needs. You can even consider offering extras at low-cost, better credit terms, special discounts, and other loyalty incentives. When it is all said and done, it is always cheaper to retain loyal customers than it is to find new ones.

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