4 Common mistakes to Avoid When Buying Proxies

Today, there are numerous types of proxies such as rotating proxies, dedicated proxies among others.

There are numerous reasons that might prompt you to buy proxies. Maybe, you want to remain unknown while browsing the web, which can be achieved by using a proxy.Another reason may be for SEO or to carry out a competitor research. This also can be done successfully with proxies in place.

Additionally, you might need proxies to stream movies from Netflix overseas.Whatsoever the case may be, you need to refrain from committing some common blunders when buying your proxies.These mistakes will make it hard for you to get what you desired out of your web proxies. If you avoid these blunders, it will be smooth navigating once you buy your proxies.


Going for the wrong type of proxy

Let’s face it. Chances are that you are not aware that proxies are different. Many users are not aware of this; they think all proxies are the same, which make them end up purchasing the wrong type of proxy.

Remember when you buy the wrong proxy, you should not expect it to work as you had desired. Let’s see the different types of proxies below so that you get an idea of what type of proxies you need.

  • Rotating proxies: This type of proxies offers multiple ports with one IP and is most preferred since it helps for scrapping data and doing other tasks that need multiple IP addresses.
  • Dedicated proxies: This type of proxy is most used for social networking, web surfing, streaming movies as well as SEO.
  • Semi-dedicated proxies: This is the basic type of proxies that can be shared among two other users.

Getting fewer proxies

If you have huge tasks to be accomplished, you need to ensure you buy enough proxies.

It is good to note that, creating numerous accounts with one proxy may lead to being banned. For example, when you need to scrape a large amount of data from search engines, you need to utilize five proxies and a Scrape Box to do the work.

Only five IP addresses will be working hence the data comes back faster. Search engines will become suspicious since five IP address are making a multitude of requests thus you risk being banned.

Chepearroyo / Pixabay


Allocation of the same proxies to your friends

You may find it comfortable to share proxies with some friends.

The tricky part is that you will also need to share the settings so that you can both have a right to use the proxies.This seems good, but in the bigger picture, it can be dangerous.

This is because if your friends mess up or do something unlawful online, your proxy gets expelled thus making it inaccessible anymore.This will make you go back to shop for more proxies hence costing you more than you could have paid for.

Buying proxies with prior trying them

It is difficult to know the outcome you will get before trying it out. Sometimes you might buy proxies that may not work on the site you are planning to work on. Sometimes you might buy it and find it is too slow. Therefore, ensure you try the proxies before you buy them.

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