4 Best Entertainment Apps Android SMartphone Users


Ever since smartphones have been introduced, they almost became a part of our lives. A lot has been changed even since. Even the evolution of applications has made our lives so much easier. Right from necessary applications like smart net banking apps to entertainment apps like games and movies download, we can expect a lot more from such apps.

Maybe because of this, our smartphones have become more than a necessity. Even for short period if we get free time, we certainly take our smartphones out and try to do chat with someone, browse the internet, or read the news. This clearly indicates that we definitely do not like to get bored at any point of time. One of the finest examples is that it may sound sarcastic but yet true situation is people log off from social networking sites because they get bored but after just five minutes or so they again log in and the reason behind they logged in again is the very same boredom. Then why did they actually log off in the first place? That is why, for entertainment lovers, we have made up a list of the best and top entertainment apps for Android smartphones users that will let you enjoy without any interruption.


Since 1984, TED has been spreading the ideas that are essentially worth. Run by a non-profit organization, TED has gained a worldwide reputation because of its conferences that took place across the globe. The TED conferences are mostly based on entertainment category and support nearly 90 languages. Users either can download or mark it to watch later. In addition, you can subscribe it or enable notifications to know of new shows.

Megabox HD

Megabox HD is an app to download movies and watch all latest movies and TV series. The app has shows and shows in high definition (HD).


Doing what other can not do is definitely a talent. If you are one of those persons who can seamlessly do impressions of others then definitely Dubsmash is the right app for you. The app lets you mimic famous dialogues from movies and then you can make it in your way by dramatizing with the same voice over. Later, you can share that impression with your friends and even on social media networking platforms.  


Quora is a social app that was designed by Quora Inc. If you have doubts, questions regarding anything, I mean literally anything, you can ask others by posting your questions. By sharing your doubts, you can get excellent answers from some of the top experts in that domain or field. One of the best things about quora is that you can literally can anything right from space and galaxies to making tea and coffee. Post your question on Quora and see how amazing answers you get. This is why Quora is in our top, best Android entertainment apps.

Mohd Sohel Ather

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