What Is HTML Programming.

what is html programming

HTML full form is Hypertext Mark up language     it is used to design the static webpages

HTML is divided into 3 parts

  • Header area:-Generally it contains the webpage heading titles etc.
  • Body area:- It Contains the webpage information.
  • Footer area:It contains the copy right information ,links to other webpages etc.

Tags:The word which is enclosed in between two angular brackets<> is known as a tag.The entire HTML Programming is designed using number of tags.

Tag Syntax:-

<tagname attribute=value attribute=value>text</tagname>

for example

<fontcolor=red size=5>Brilliant</font>

Here font is the tag name and color and size are the attributes and red and 5 are the values.

According to the opening and closing tags they are divided into 2 types.

  1. Paired tag:-It contains the both Open and closed tags Eg:<html></html>,<font></font>
  2. Unpaired tags:-It contains only the opening tags like <br>, <hr>
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