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All About Yellow Pages Advertising

All About Yellow Pages Advertising

Small business owners have always feared the marketing expenditures. It is a well documented fact that large businesses get most of the benefit from the new and advanced marketing solutions and as a result small business are either engulfed in loss or become stagnant. It is very important for every business owner, small or large to understand the marketing basics, as marketing is the only solution to reach the new potential customers and keep the existing ones informed. In this article we will explain the concept, theory and alternatives to yellow pages advertising (on-line).

Yellow Pages

  • What is yellow pages advertising (on-line):

In the past when internet was still not available to most of the population, business listing directories were printed. They were called yellow pages because they were printed on yellow pages instead of white paper. As internet grew, these physical business directories became unpopular and as a result on-line business directories gained momentum. Today, there are specialized websites that provide on-line business directories; these directories list the businesses according to the category or type of business instead of listing them alphabetically, just like the offline yellow pages.

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  • Why should I opt for yellow pages advertising (on-line):

On-line yellow pages are most often the cheapest way of advertising your business. The entire business directory is organized according to the types of businesses so any one who happens to see your advertisement there is a potential customer since he has intentionally made an effort by selecting the particular business category. A survey in 2010 found that yellow pages advertising (on-line) provided more conversion rates as compared to any other form of advertising. It was also found that yellow pages was amongst the top 5 highest revenue grossing search keywords on Google and several other search engines.

  • Are there any risks involved:

Yes, yellow pages advertising (on-line) have at times suffered from click fraud, where users click on the advertisement without any actual interest in the information or the vendor listed. The yellow pages service will however charge the vendor as the advertisement has been clicked. These days there are complex algorithms and security measures that try to prevent this click fraud. It must be noted that click fraud is an issue with almost every type of on-line advertising service and not just the yellow pages advertising (on-line).

  • What else should I do after I’ve been listed in yellow pages:

Yellow pages advertising is basically driven by serious customers, people who are willing to come to a yellow pages website and specifically search all the businesses related to the category they are interested in. But sometimes business discovery can be accidental too. This is the case with Google maps. It is highly possible that while someone is going through Google maps to find a way or any other landmark, he or she may stumble upon your business and might even become a customer. So you should explicitly enlist your business on all of such alternative search engines. I would like to hear advice from readers.

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