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wedding reception symptoms

wedding reception symptoms

It’s very hot the mercury is soaring to those annoyingly blazing heights and in the midst of those mojitos,chilled fresh lime sodas and crisp cotton Kurtis,the wedding invitation cards lying on your drawing room desk are starting to you with all those dates.So even in the sweltering heat,when all you want to do is switch on your AC and watch matches or movies,you need to get all decked up and attend engagements,room,wedding or reception ceremonies on different dates while all he time oscillating between being the bride’s or the groom’s party.what the heck!

Here’s how you can sail through this ordeal.

Pretty in Patel’s.
After all, this is that time of that year when all the colors close to the sun and available in a child’s crayon pastel color set available are welcome.And remember ,you have those fusion shades doing the show with all the fruity names and looks.So ,you will never run out of colors around this time!

Bling it on :The bling 0-meter is riding quite high these days.So you can take out that bling clutch ,bling sandals,bling watch,until wait.. till the time you don’t start looking tacky!Bling in the midst of the general summer exasperation and shimmering like a cool slice of respite amidst all.

Go Slow on the Alcohol:

This is just not the very right time for strong drinks,especially if you end up going on the higher count.And all these spicy and fried snacks doing their rounds make it all the more daunting to take in the drinks without causing trouble to your system .Insteas ,opt for summer coolers,breezy light cocktails,fruit punches,mocktails and fruit salads.This will quench your thirst without you having to not being able to relish the dinner or digging into purse for an antacid!Yeah ,it seconds so uncool for a wedding


Smelling Nice:The fruity flavors,the scent of the flowers,the fresh aquatic smell-perfumes,Eau de toilete,body mists and sprays ,take what it will,but remember to smell nice and be part of this decency,which is much needed in summer,Some people smell stronger than others(with no offense meant,so tuck in your best olfactory weapons in your pouches and purses.


Sweet Saviors:Remember,an outdoor wedding ceremony in summer can mean lots of sweating,so carry blotting paper in nice packages neatly tucked into purse and do it the superstar way instead of fumbling!Also ,do not forget to wear light-weight and waterproof makeup.Men need to remember that they sweat too (often more)and hence,blotting paper!

Skin Show

Well ,this one’s for the ladies,especially those who worked out hard in the gym to get those shapely abs or perfectly toned tummy and arms.what better time than this to get into those deep-cut cholis,a sexy saree or anymph-like short dress?It’s going to be practical and hot choice!But yes, dont’t overdo on the cleavage part of wear something that shows more than what you would like the shutterbugs to capture.

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