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Top Video editing softwares

Top Video editing softwares

Top video editing software’s like Adobe premier ,Phinakil video editing software ,fcp ,Windows Movie maker .There are other good video editing software’s online available for free and low cost packages

1.Light works:[]This is powerful video editing software ,we can make real movies by using this software.   Batman,Mission-impossible movies are edited with this software .Multlicam and real effect features are available here when you are going to use this software make sure to read the documentation for getting good results.

2:Windows Movie Maker 2.6: This is Microsoft developed Movie maker .we can  edit our videos our-self by  choosing  the best version which has more features.

3.Virtual Dub:[]This software works in all windows Operating systems.Comparing to  other software’s there are less features in this software and works speedily for lenier operations in Videos.

4. Cinefx Jashaka:[]This software works fine with features like Playback,editing,encoding animation,visual effects  .we can create high quality digital films  .

5.Blender:[]we can create 3d content from here,by blender we can do editing composing,modeling .and also 3d graphics ,sound effects,special effects.this will work fine in all types of Operating systems.

6.Movie Storm:[] By this software we can make  movie making,cartoons,crimes,Horror  and more movie animation effects.

7.Avidemux: []This is available in Linux, BSD, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows .Avidamux works fine with  simple cutting and flittering works.this also  supports file types like “AVI,DVD,Compatible MPEG files.

8.Avi Trimmer:[] This is specially for people who are working with AVI Files this is a powerful multi media software.

These all software’s works fine with windows operating systems and some only works in other operating systems.

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