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How to Create Use Case Scenarios in Youtube.

How to Create Use Case Scenarios in Youtube.

Use cases and use case scenarios are an other one of the information architect techniques they can really benefit  you tube marketing projects .The idea of a use case scenario is that we tell a specific story about how a person experiences our website or web experience

This is a use case scenario and it differs from a full use case and in that scenario covers always one person and their journey.where is the whole case is that the portfolios of scenarios that go to flushing out all of the parts of the site.

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Use case scenarios get into true demographics like age gender ethnicity and so on ,these details would depend on the specific content that you are working with .One of the tricky things about use case scenarios is that they are very granular

In general information architecture needs to stay with the big picture but this particular tool is very detailed so its an example of how we flesh our details.

Use case scenarios are simply a way to tell us the specific stories about the web experience that we are trying to create at times it may seem a silly stick for years fake names and it is useful to think about and talk about how real people we encounter the experience we designing

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