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Tips to control Blood Sugar

Tips to control Blood Sugar

  • Eat Lean cuts of meats and poultry,with skin removed
  • Increase the amount of grains ,Fruits,Vegetables,Nuts and beans in your Diet.
  • Cut back on foods containing partially hydrogenated vegetable oils
  • Lower weekly servings of sweets to no more than five.
  • Cut back on foods and beverages with added Sugars
  • Serve far free,one percent or low-fat dairy products.
  • Cut back on foods high in dietary cholesterol
  • Stop smoking ,If you Smoke throughout the day ,your blood pressure may remain consistently high
  • Limit alcohol intake.Drinking more than moderate amounts can raise one’s blood pressure significant.Alcohol may reduce the effectiveness of any blood pressure medication your Doctor may prescribe.


Keep an eye on portion sizes.

Over fifty percent of people with high blood pressure are over weight.Just 30 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise daily ,like walking,Swimming or biking,can help reverse high blood pressure.High blood pressure is often linked to stress.Try relaxation techniques,such as yoga or meditation,Playing with your pet,or finding a Soothing hobby to help reduce stress

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