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4 Jobs You Can Do From Home With Your Dog

4 Jobs You Can Do From Home With Your Dog

Working from home has many benefits. You don’t have to deal with a commute to work, you can wear whatever you want, and you can alter your schedule so you can fit in regular errands, such as going to the doctor or picking your child up from school.

When you have a dog, working from home can be extremely beneficial to your pooch. You can be there to let your dog in and out as they need to go to the bathroom, and you can ensure they don’t chew or destroy any of your belongings due to separation anxiety or boredom.

While working from home with a dog can be beneficial to your pooch, it can be challenging for you. If you need to talk on the phone, having a dog barking the background looks unprofessional. If you need to stick to a certain deadline, letting your dog in and out can cause you to become distracted. Luckily, there are cures to these challenges.

If you work from home, you may even be able to bring your dog in on the action. Check out some of the following great work from home jobs that you can do with your dog.

1. Photographer 



Do you have a knack for snapping pictures? If so, consider becoming a photographer. Your dog can accompany you on your photo shoots, or you could even consider becoming a pet photographer and bring your dog along to enjoy meeting new dogs. Good photographers can make a decent income, so if you feel like you could do it professionally, you and your dog could both enjoy being a photographer.

2. Dog Groomer


There are plenty of people out there willing to put their dog’s grooming needs in the hands of someone else, and with some training, you can easily start your own dog grooming facility in your home. People will gladly bring their dog to your home for a day of grooming, and your dog will love having other dogs around to play with.

3. Dog Trainer


If you have a knack for training dogs how to behave appropriately, you could become a dog trainer. Many dog owners are looking for someone to train their dog how to behave and learn the basic commands, and you can easily do this job from home. Not only will you earn money working with dogs out of the comfort of your own home, but also your dog will love having all the other playmates around on a regular basis.

4. Artist

Do you have a knack for painting or drawing? If so, you could become an artist, and your dog can be your muse. You can draw or paint pictures of your dog or use him or her for inspiration to create masterpieces that other people love and are willing to buy. If you want, you can even let your dog get in on the action by allowing them to paint with you using their paws or nose. Just make sure that you use a non-toxic paint in case your canine companion gets any in his or her mouth.


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