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Overseas SEO Outsourcing – The Pros And Cons

Overseas SEO Outsourcing – The Pros And Cons


In a perfect world, every business of every size populating every industry would have its own team of crack SEO experts that worked 24/7 on getting the name of the brand to the top of the rankings. But this isn’t a perfect world and never will be, which is why a third-party SEO company has become a fundamental essential for any business looking to get by.

An increasingly popular strategy these days is to outsource to an SEO company overseas – an approach that has already been adopted by thousands of the world’s biggest brands and smallest newcomers. And as would be expected, the subject has split the industry right down the middle in terms of who advocates overseas outsourcing and those that see it as a negative thing.Is there are right or wrong answer? Well, the only way to find out it to listen to both sides of the story. Here are some useful considerations to bear in mind:

Overseas SEO Negatives

To kick-off with the downsides, the first is of course said to revolve around quality. There are some that still hang onto the claim that not only are working standards overseas not nearly as high as they are at home, but choosing non-native speakers to work with the English language is fundamentally risky.

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In addition, the fact that there is so much distance between the business and its third-party SEO provider means that in most instances the only method of communication will be via the web. This in most instances rules out telephone calls and in all instances makes face to face visits and meetings impossible. For obvious reasons, this doesn’t always inspire confidence in businesses looking to make sizable investments in their SEO strategies. How much that is true depends on the specific company employed, of course.

And finally, there are also critics that argue the unethical nature of sending business overseas rather than investing in the talent we already have on home soil.

Overseas SEO Positives

Switching to the more positive side of the fence now, those that advocate overseas outsourcing don’t agree with any of the above and here are their reasons for doing so.

In terms of quality, many overseas SEO specialists have the potential to offer equal or superior service packages to any currently available on home soil. As in the domestic instance, it’s all about choosing the right provider with the right skills and needed experience to do the job. The only SEO experts able to make a name for themselves in the industry are those flawless in the English language and with enviable experience. What’s more, as each and every thing the team produces is vetted by the business owner before being used, there really is little to no risk.

And as far as paying out to an overseas firm goes, no viable SEO business these days would ever insist on up-front payments as opposed to monthly installments on a rolling basis. Those that do are of course best avoided at all costs, regardless of where they are based so this is not a reason to avoid overseas SEO companies. These kinds of rolling contracts backed by satisfaction guarantees make it impossible to get locked into an agreement that cannot be broken if promises are not kept. This brings the potential for huge peace of mind and many worries put aside.

All in all therefore, it all comes down to the provider chosen and the contract agreed to. Consulting the SEO provider’s feedback and reviews is a great way to ensure that all boxes are ticked when it comes to quality and that high standards were consistently met for the past clients of the company in question.

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