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What is the Difference Between iOS Android

What is the Difference Between iOS Android

difference between Ios and android


Differences between IOS Android

The battle wages on Difference between iOS Android and often reminds me of the argument between Windows PC users and Linux users. There are obvious differences in the platforms but each offers a unique but familiar presents to each other. Anymore it is merely a matter of preference whether you chose Android or iOS.

IOS and Android are the two most talked about smart phone/tablet operating systems on the market. Both have gained widespread popularity with mobile application developers, with hundreds of thousands of applications available for each platform through various application marketplaces. There are a couple of key difference between Ios android, however, that are important to point out. These differences are important to point out. These differences are important because they have significant security implications and make it that much more important to carefully plan your security deployment for Android devices.

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The major difference between Ios  Android. iOS users Itunes exclusively for syncing and backing up your iOS, ipad, ipod etc. Android doesn’t have an official counterpart which means it’s up to you to get your apps, documents, files, and more off the device. That feature comes into focus pretty quick when you upgrade your device. With an iOS based device you simply hook the new device up to your computer and sync everything over from your previous backup. Android has nothing, which makes upgrading your hardware more of time-consuming process.

Once Google or someone else comes along to officially endorse better backups, syncing, etc. The Android presence will expand even more. But despite that one drawback, Android is an awesome OS that is growing more and more with each passing second! Android is still being shaped and it’s exciting to be a part of that movement as a developer who can deliver apps into the market and make a living doing it.

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