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It’s Vital To Have Followers On Instagram

It’s Vital To Have Followers On Instagram

Instagram Analytics & Marketing

While it is hard to know what to do on a new social media site, if you’re not generating the traffic, shares or likes on your Instagram account, it could be because you’re missing something.  Instagram is a wonderful tool for businesses that want to increase their SEO efforts while still having fun uploading photos and engaging their followers.  The downside to this is that you must have followers to engage and if you don’t have any then you need to start working on this immediately.  The bottom line is content is vital on this site so you have to make sure that the pictures you upload are perfect.  When you take the tips below then you will have a fighting chance at getting all the followers you can handle.

Photos That Offer Perfection

Many fall under the trap of posting every single photo that they take of their products or services.  While it may seem mathematically sound, the more you post the more shares you’ll get and hence the more followers, this is false when it comes to social media.  In this aspect, you want to post a wide range of photos yes, but you want to be selective about the ones that you post.  Make sure that you take plenty of pictures of the same product and then take the time to find the perfect one that represents your product at its best.  Also, if you are posting more than three or four photos in a day, your followers will feel that you are spamming them and this is not good for your account either.

When is as Important as What

You’ll learn very quickly when your photos get the most shares and likes and this is when you need to post them.  What’s the point of posting photos that only two people at a time have the opportunity to see, like and share?  There are apps and Instagram tools that will illustrate exactly when your followers are creating activity on your photos and this is the time you should be posting them.  Instagram moves very quickly, just like Twitter, so if you’re posting at off peak times your photos will drop through your followers’ newsfeed without ever being seen.  Since you are posting more than one picture a day, find two or three peak times to make these posts so that you don’t seem to spamming at the same time every day.

It’s a Following Game

You can’t expect to get great followers if you’re not also following others effectively.  There are other ways to get followers like buying them from companies who sell them, but other than that, you’ll have to work at it.  In most cases, when you follow others, they’ll follow you back out of courtesy.  You can find these people by searching for keywords in your niche or by searching relevant hash-tags.  Also, when someone follows you then you should also follow them back too.

The best way to have a great marketing campaign on Instagram is to know when to post your photos, only post great pictures and to be a good follower to gain new followers yourself.

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